Sunday, January 27, 2013

Making a Dream Board

Next time I'll comb my hair!
I've made several "Dream Boards" over the last 15 years ... they help me visualize the results I want to create and also serve as "benchmarks" in my life.

To make a Dream Board, think about what's important to you ... how do you picture your personal pursuit of Happiness, Health, and Prosperity?  

I always use pictures and tend to avoid using words and symbols ... this is because my inner core, my heart of hearts, "sees" and remembers feelings and events in pictures. I dream in colorful pictures.  The pictures on my dream boards help me hold a feeling to strive for.

Making your own dream board can help you define and reset your health.  We aren't working with a yo-yo, get skinny quick diet. Our Program is all about your health on every level - physical, emotional, and financial.  As you make progress, what are your goals?  What does it mean as you become healthier?  

Finally, do you know that by unloading 50 pounds of excess weight, you stand to gain 10 years of life ... What will you do with yours?  

I'm looking forward to seeing yours.  For more info on making Dream Boards, Click Here to read what Martha Beck, of Oprah's O Magazine, has to say!

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