Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Just Another Diet?

When you first started with Take Shape, did you think it was "another diet?"  Were you frustrated that you couldn't just "do it yourself?" Did you tell anyone you were starting?

I didn't because I was afraid I would fail! Three and a half years later, I'm shouting it from the mountaintops! Together, Greg and I are down a total of  ~ 70 pounds and continue to keep it off and improve our health by strengthening our healthy habits.

The Program we're using to gain health and help others, is rocking our world!  We are having a blast linking arms with all the new and returning clients.

This week, I've heard from former clients who have fallen off the wagon and are carrying the tires.  I heard from new clients taking the plunge and wondering how the program will work from them.  I also heard from many who are happily sailing along - crossing milestones, reaching goals, feeling and looking better than ever.  They are dropping in size and seeing the scale reflect lower weights that they thought they'd never see again.  Don't you just love Franklin's picture??!!

Coaching fits easily into my life and I love hearing from you. Our team is putting together a small album to share with medical practitioners, HR Dept managers, and service providers, who want to offer the Take Shape program to patients, employees, and clients.  Your "Before, In Progress, and After" photos mean the world to me.  They are the tangible evidence of your hard work, determination, and on-going transformation.

Please send photos and a short paragraph about your story for me to include. We acknowledge you for taking charge of your own health and doing the internal, personal work to change behaviors a step at a time.  We thank you for the referrals and honor you for the role you play in mentoring friends, neighbors, family and co-workers!   Thanks for being on the journey with us!!!!

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