Tuesday, January 1, 2013

If you're starting or restarting a diet today, you aren't alone!

If you're starting or restarting a "diet" today, you aren't alone!  On January 1st, 40% of the population will go on a diet this month. What if you not only were able to lose weight, get healthier and look better, but you learned how to become healthier long term? What if you could talk to your future self, the person you want to see in the mirror everyday? It is possible!

Check out these stories of real life people and their success, it's a brilliant ad campaign to inspire health in America as 3 everyday people get to have a conversation with their before self after they have progressed into their journey. This is all possible with the Take Shape For Life Program that we coach, it means support, success and long term healthy habits as you make your way through the program to achieve Optimal Health. If you would like to see your future self in the mirror please message me for more information.

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