Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fall off the Wagon? Just get back on!!

So, we know what it is to be on the wagon ... and it feels wonderful!!!  Wonderful because I know where I'm going, the pounds are steadily coming off, new habits are becoming established, and the path ahead, leading to weight loss and optimal health, is becoming clear.  If you've been struggling with your weight and your health, you are in good company!  Our clients and coaches come from all walks of life - they hold teaching and nursing positions, one calls himself a a "high tech computer geek," another is a bicycle mechanic. They are in sales, the arts, event planning, and banking.

Here is one of my favorite quotes for the week:
I had become a professional dieter! I'd tried everything including HCG shots, pills and hypnosis for weight loss.  Before I read Dr A's book, I didn't realize that my cravings and persistent hunger was physiologic!  I just thought I didn't have will power and was bound to fail! With each dieting attempt, I'd be successful for a little while, then I'd fall off the wagon only to regain what I lost and more.  I needed an alternative!  I needed a doable lifestyle change - Thank you so much for showing what to do, how to do it and helping me!! 
Thank you Susan for reaching out to me, trusting me and doing the work! Please feel free to post your comments on what's working for you. Like Susan, you may also enjoy tracking your own progress at To read more about how to stay the course, take a quick look at the many topics covered by Dr Andersen, author of Dr A's Habits of Health, in his blogs. And, if you are in the Portland/Vancouver area, come hear him speak on Friday, Jan 4th at 6:30 at the Jantzen Beach Red Lion in Portland.

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