Thursday, April 11, 2013

Don's Story & What Coaching Means to Me

"When I was at my 384 I had basically given up on life and actually was preparing for my funeral as I didn't really expect to live much longer.  Instead (my doctor) had information on Take Shape for Life in his office to which my wife encouraged me to try the program.  Polly and Greg met with us and I was started on a journey of loosing one-third of myself.  
Before, I didn't care if I did something and would usually put it off until I had several things to do or it just had to be done.  Now I have energy and a willingness to take care of anything necessary at that moment.  

"The last time I was the size I am now was in the 1970's.  The only sad thing for in regards to my new look is that my wife isn't able to enjoy the new me, as she went to be with the Lord last September.  Her words were, "stay the course and get below your goal."  Therefore, I am within twenty-five pounds of my goal of 230.  I have 130 pounds off and I am going to keep it off and just a little more.  

"What the Polly and Greg don't tell you is the hidden costs of the program.  I have to purchase a new wardrobe!  Thanks Polly and Greg for being great coaches and supporting me in this weight loss and lifestyle change."

Look into Don's eyes.  This is what being a Health Coach means to me and why I love it so much!

When Greg and I first signed up to start coaching and began training for this great adventure, we had little to go on ... we'd seen a few friends shrink and Greg was just getting started.  I always loved the "Before & After" photos but they were photos of total strangers!

Now, 4 years into it, we are slim, our clients are REAL, and our lives are completely different!  Here's our friend Don's story - he inspires us beyond words!!!

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