Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Do Seeds of Doubt Keep Us from Sharing?

As Coaches, we have an opportunity to share Hope, Vitality, and Healing ... so, why don't we?  Why do we hesitate?

There may be many reasons, but the one that comes to mind for me is that we may carry a little seeds of doubt.
  • Can I do it?
  • Will "they" criticize me?
  • What if "they" fail and blame me?
  • Am I worthy of their trust?
Those little seeds of doubt, like flecks of sand in my eye, can take over, germinate, and feed into a perpetual, pity party!  Those tiny seeds of doubt lead to anxiety, magnification of one inch hurdles, and hamster wheel rumination.  Then it's common to experience excessive evaluation, procrastination and eventual palatalization!

For me, the healing comes when I feel the tangible evidence that others believe in me even before I believe in myself!  People who believe in us and consistently extend clear, unselfish love, will see us making headway even when, all we see is the frustration on each step.  They will be able to see our capacity, even when we are feeling small and discouraged.

Note to Self: Surround yourself with people who believe in you!!  

This is what coaching is all about.  Coaching means that you believe in your child / friend / client for them until they can believe in themselves ... you are holding "sacred space" for them because you believe in who they are meant to be, who they really are, and what they are becoming!

Another Note to Self: You are worthy!

Call to Action:  Whether you are a client or a coach Share what you know!  Share these wonderful tools and this wonderful experience. Open your heart. Open your mouth and let the Concourse work through you!  

You have been gifted with renewed health, energy, and opportunities ... You are meant to share it! You are meant to broadcast it far and wide, ask for referrals, help others coach others, and be part of a genuine Health Building Revolution!

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