Saturday, January 19, 2013

Coaching Coaches: When an Entire Plan Reveals Itself

Occasionally, I get the gift of seeing an entire plan of action laid out before me in my mind. It's like being given a map and finding the trail ...

As I've developed in the role of business coach for our team of Health Coaches, I've turned to my mentors for guidance. The funny thing is, even before they have a chance to respond, the very act of reaching out, the act of asking for more insight and guidance, brings it on!!! Here's today's experience:

Question: What do I need to do and what do I need to Become, in order to help my team grow and thrive?

Answer: Be authentic, truthful, All In, passionate, and happy.  Then take the next steps today.
  • Get clear on what your Health Coach teammates want and need
  • Know your resources
  • Continually tap into your leadership ... they are a gift to you
  • Understand what it means to be fully integrated as a client focused on your own health journey, as a coach linking arms with your wonderful clients, and as a business coach helping your teammates succeed.
So the plan that came to mind is to look at all the aspects of coaching for the new coach.  Then, break it down into bite sized discussion topics, follow the new "Getting Your Coach Launched" materials and reach out to everyone who is already coaching clients and coaches or who would like to be coaching and develop a weekly conversation on the following topics:
  • Setting up your business
  • Finding and documenting their "Why" ... What is the "Why that makes us cry?" Help them paint the "Vision of Service" which will propel them over every imagined hurdle
  • Setting up your office using the file system, e-newsletter, and other tools
  • Helping clients sign-up and get started
  • Where to find answers - you don't have to know everything
  • Establishing a day-to-day rhythm
  • The essentials of net-working
  • Using social networking appropriately and fully
  • How to prepare and use Trainings and Conventions
  • Role-play and practice partner skills
  • Getting certified 
Can you picture it too????  I'm so exited to feel new levels of understanding an organization emerge!!  Call me ... our Team is on such a roll!!!!

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