Monday, December 31, 2012

Question: Are My Goals too Lofty?

What are your business goals for the year?  Please share them with us.  The goals are part of the Vision at the top of the Structural Tension Chart.  For me, they a listed right after my Purpose, my "Why."

Sometimes, my goals are so lofty that I wake in the wee hours of the morning worrying and agitated ...

For instance, TSFL encourages us to "Go out and get America Healthy!"  This is huge!  Bigger than I can fathom!  So, with an eye on authenticity, integrity and do-ability, I've found it helpful to make them very specific and tangible.  And, I will set my goals in the form of questions ... I did this last year and it really helped!

Question: Will January be the month when I / We help ...

  1. 15 new clients get started on the road to Hope and Better Health?
  2. new and existing clients grasp the magnitude of the gift that Dr Andersen has given us with his book, Dr A's Habits of Health?  (Let's open it and do the program systematically!)
  3. 1 young mom find a way to be home with her children and build wealth working from home?
  4. 1 dad increase the flow of income so that he can make the house payment and begin to breath again?
  5. 1 person become a fully integrated Health Coach so they can quit a job they hate?
  6. 3 clients take their appreciation of TSFL to the next level and become coaches???!!! 
  7. 2 of the physicians I've been working with, discover the joy of preventing diabetes and heart attaches and link arms with us to help more and more people?
Question: Will 2013 be the year that I / We ...
  1. see our Spanish speaking coaches experience exponential growth???
  2. develop the leadership skills to double the size of our Team and help all of them experience exponential growth?
  3. establish a coaching relationship for my midwifery colleagues and their patients?
I am so grateful and excited and have begun now, this very moment!!!

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