Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Personal Benefits of Becoming a Coach

As I muddle through shopping, wrapping, card sending, and holiday partying, I'm constantly thinking: 
  • How I'm going to embrace 2013.  
  • What do I want for the new year?  
  • What did I experience and accomplish this past year?  
  • How can I add more value, become more skilled, share more love, be more authentic, and help more people get off the road leading to obesity, ill health, and premature demise?  
I love helping you develop your coaching skills because I know that when you are reaching out and coaching your friends and family to health, you are doing yourself a huge favor!!! You are ... 

  • building a strong network of health around you.
  • helping people you care about re-invent themselves - enjoy the photo of Chelsey and Matt and imagine how different their lives are now!!!
  • reinforcing all the good habits you're learning - Hurrah for BESLIM ... if you don't remember what this means, go to chapter 12 in Dr A's Habits of Health and call me!
  • making yourself accountable ... coaches have > 85% of keeping their own weight off when coaching others!
  • starting your training as a professional health coach for part-time of full-time joy (I started to say "work" but that wasn't the right word!!!)
By the way, currently, only 2% of our clients are referring friends and family regularly ... this means that many people are googling Medifast, placing a few orders, and using it as a diet.  Take Shape for Life offers so much more!  Please tell everyone who notices, "I'm doing a comprehensive program that includes a Health Coach (yours truly), working with Dr A's Habits of Health, and using a 5&1 system."  They will have a much higher rate of success if they call me!!!   

I'd love to hear your feedback, your thoughts, your plans, hopes and dreams for the coming year ...

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