Monday, December 17, 2012

People I met Saturday ...

Saturday, at the monthly TSFL Coach Training,  I met many people that you might be able to relate to.  Several of them shared their stories with me, there was a ...

  • ... young mom who had been miserably obese and couldn't get off the sofa easily to play with her kids. "My husband loved me how I was but knew I wan't happy.  He knew my chronic fatigue and frustration wasn't good for our family.  He said, 'Honey, we're going to do this ... We'll do this together!"  She's taken off 86 pounds so far and can play with her kids and walk them to and from school!
  •  ... nurse who's cousin was exhausted, in pain, and suffering terribly due to excess weight.  "I didn't have any answers for him so I decided to research all the options.  Take Shape won hands down!   We didn't think it was possible, we had given up hope!!  Now, my cousin is a brand new person!  He's thriving!  I decided to reach out and help others ... I love the calls, texts, and emails ... I want to help everyone I can!!!"
  • ... Vet with PTSD who had become addicted to pain and anti-depressant meds ... he shared his story of finding fly fishing and connecting with a coach who helped him get on a journey of health.  He's off the meds, looking and feeling fit, and paying it forward by helping others!
Even as I reread my own note, I know it sounds "corny" and would be easily put aside as a "too good to be true gimmick."  The truth is, Take Shape for Life is a comprehensive system to help individuals and families reclaim health.  Using the tools - the Health Coach, Dr A's Habits of Health, and the 5&1 Program - we are experiencing ongoing, sustainable well-being on every level!!!

This is why I love being a Health Coach ... this is why I am constantly pursuing professionalism, education, and improvement.  This is why I love hearing from you ... I love the stories, connections, and transformations I've become part of!  PS, If you ore someone you know is interested in becoming a Health Coach or wants more info, have them call me right away!!

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