Monday, December 24, 2012

Notes to Self ... Reminders and Action Steps

Greg and I are participating in a TSFL Miller Team webinar this morning and we are getting so much out of it.  Here are a few Notes to Self, reminders and action steps ...

  • By helping many, many clients, we can hand pick our coaches.
  • Keep focusing on opening the doors of possibility for clients and coaches so they can feel the momentum.
  • Keep it simple - use all the incredible tools given to us by the Take Shape leadership. 
  • Writing down our monthly goals takes them from the realm of dreams to reality - do a Structural Tension Chart monthly and share it with my mentor.
  • Shift from being so "creative" and bent on recreating the wheel ... choose the Pack wisely then run with it!
  • When interviewing a prospective Health Coach, think about the skills they bring to the team and what TSFL has to offer them.
  • Believing in others is like breathing life into their sails.
  • Know my "Why" and get better and better at helping others find theirs.
  • Recognize my mistakes ... I was thinking I was "different" ... yes I am unique but I'm after the same things.  Like everyone else, I an pursuing a happy, healthy, wealthy life.  I benefit from others who are running ahead of me ... I'm not alone and don't need to do it all myself.
  • The training and info can be like trying to "Drink out of a fire-hose" so keep it simple, go to every training, take your time and do a little everyday.

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