Monday, December 10, 2012

Must we be "Coachie" to Coach?

Our mentors and trainers continually encourage us to perfect our craft, the art of Coaching.  We aim to coach with a focus on what the client wants, who the client is, and how the client learns best.  It's all about the recipient. Coaching is the action for seeing in others what they often don't see in themselves and supporting them through struggles, growth, and change.  

Coaching is a skill that matures as we progress in our own lives ... it probably begins helping a younger sibling climb down the steps safely and matures as we gain new skills to share with others.

If our role is to open doors of hope so that the person being coached can visualize what they desire and reach for it with confidence, how can we do all these positive things without being "coachie?"  After all, when a coach is egocentric, condescending, patronizing, or demanding, it can feel very irritating and be counterproductive! 

As I come into this new year of exponential growth, I'll start blogging about what I'm learning and the books, speakers, and mentors that are most helpful. For now, I acknowledge that coaching can be incredibly helpful - see the graph from The Heart of Coaching by Thomas Crane. 

Thank you in advance for your part in helping me develop great coaching skills ... Remember, it's not about weight loss ... it's about gaining skills, habits, and confidence to live the life of health and well-being that each of us is meant to live!

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