Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Keeping my hand away from the plate of fudge with a little imagination!

When research subjects were told not to touch the bowl of candy on their desk, the subject had to "decide" not to touch it every time they looked up from their computer.  As a result, their "Will Power Muscle" became exhausted and they either ate some of the candy or were left with a longing for it for months!

When the subjects were told they could have the candy later, "That candy is for another time," they fared much better.  They didn't sneak any of the candy and experienced no short or long term craving for it!

So, one of my personal tricks to keep my hands off of the cookie plate is to use my over active imagination!  I always picture little signs sticking out of the goodies. Those little imaginary signs remind me that those temptations are "For Another Time" and look like, F.A.T.  Then I relax for three reasons, first, I fuel myself every 3 hours so am never hungry, I keep my insulin switch in the "Off" position by eating low glycemic index foods, and, I know I can have the cookie "later"  ... it's not that I can never have them again, just now now and then I'm ok. What else??? Share your plan with me and I'll share it with other clients!

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