Friday, December 28, 2012

Is it Monday Yet???

Each Monday, I write a check-in reminder note to clients.  Here's my note for this week:

My experience is that this season always gives me plenty of opportunities to reflect, stress-out, laugh, cry, hug, give, and receive ... this year has been no exception.  And, it takes me a while to recover.  How about you?  What are your next steps?  What would you like to change and accomplish in the coming weeks, in the coming year?

We are so blessed with the TSFL focus on over-all health, the Medifast 5&1 meal replacements, and the free coaching!  (Yes, I still have a coach!!!) There is nothing available on the market for weight reduction and health restoration to compare with TSFL.  We have wonderful support, cost effective results, convenience, education and sustainability.  Your input, questions, struggles, and victories add to the excellent ongoing TSFL training available to us ... we are always  "in training" and you are doing a great job!!  Thank you for that gift!

We're looking forward to helping your friends and family members get their questions answered and get started on Program this month.  Let me know how we can support you as you reach out to help others get on the path to reclaiming their health as you are doing.

A little History and Herstory:
I'm so grateful that we got started with Take Shape four years ago this week!  Our lives are completely changed!!  I'm attaching our Christmas morning photo taken in Dec 2008 ... Greg and I were packing extra weight, 65 and 16 pounds respectively.  I think one of the things that had attracted me to Greg, when I met and married him 40 years ago, was that he was a "big guy" and made me look dainty in comparison!  And, as many of you know, I'd been a professional dieter since my teens.  I had a closet full of clothes that I couldn't wear - they were in many sizes, and no matter what I did, I was in a constant battle with the bulge and could never get the last 15# off!  In March this year, I will celebrate being 4 years slim and am so happy to be off the dieting yo-yo go-around!!!!

By January 2009, within three weeks of experiencing the Program, we'd signed up as Health Coaches.  We were eager to share with anyone who would listen ... perhaps too eager at first, but our friends forgave us!  As a result, we've seen so many people completely re-invent themselves!!!   And, our lives are very different.  Not only are we slimmer, healthier, and happier, we also have the privilege to work with an amazing team of coaches.  We are confidently sharing the Program and Dr A's Habits of Health with many more people.  Best of all, we are enjoying the freedom to work together from home!  We've never had this much fun!  

News Flash:
Dr Andersen will be here in Portland next Friday and Saturday!  And, YOU are invited!!!!  Click "Reply" and I'll send you the details.
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Favorite Quotes:
My wife bought a pair of dockers for me after I retired in 1999, I've never gotten to wear them!  But I'm wearing them now!!!  No problem, no seams burst,  I've gone from 44s to Levis size 40!!!  Hands in my pockets, inches coming off ... Last week I was 281, 281, 281 disgusting, then I saw 277!!!  
Covering the cookies, taking foods with me, prepared c strategies, how do I want to refresh? Journal, reflect, process, reduce stress, slowly give up the fat, listening to my body, looking in mirror to see differences, more confident, positive, more energy, foundational habits, not as hungry ... WOW! 
After cheating, this client said she felt "yucky" and wrote: It makes sense because I felt hungrier than normal all day today and a little headachey.  I am glad parties don't happen too often.  I feel like, at the next party, I will set up a plan beforehand and stick to it.  I feel like I need to make better choices next time, but I am glad I tasted that superdelicious dessert. Thank you for your thoughts.  Your Monday check-ins always remind me to stay on track.
Please WELCOME another new health coach joining us in the mission to get America Healthy, one of my best friends on the planet, Natasha S Dixon !!! After reaching her first milestone, 1/3 of the weight she wants to lose, she sees that this program WORKS and is inspired to help others! She's an amazing healer and I'm so excited to see the positive difference & impact she will make in the lives of so many! Congratulations my friend! You are going to ROCK IT!

(I love this one!) Dearest Polly,  I always look forward to your weekly e-mail news.  The couple this week look amazing and I know they have added many years to their lives.  Continue helping folks.  My love,  Mom. 

I can't wait to hear from you!  Call, text, and click Reply frequently!!!
Thanks again for everything you do!  Polly.

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