Saturday, December 8, 2012

Holiday & AnyDay Survival: Keep Moving!

Family in a Holiday - Fat Reduction ProOK, there's going to be goodies that call my name ... whether at a party, arriving as a gift, or presenting as platters full of homemade cookies and fudge in the break room ... there will be many temptations between now and January!  Did I mention January?  Yep, dear ol' January, with it's New Year's Resolutions due to last year's falterings, recent indulgences and ongoing foibles ...

So, how can I welcome the New Year without the customary addition of 5-8 pounds of holiday trimmings on my thighs when the holiday is over???    I don't need the researcher's statistical studies ... my jeans provide all the evidence I require!  One tactic is to Keep Moving!

Keep moving your body - wiggle, dance, walk, hug, and laugh a lot!
Keep moving away from the buffet and stay out of the kitchen!
Keep moving your hands ... It's hard to munch with quilting, knitting, or hot glue guns in hand!
Keep moving your mind - play games, read funny books, have deep and long over due conversations.
Keep moving your fingers - click photos, write cards, thank yous, and journal notes.
Keep your eyes and ears on the move - take in the lights and music of this festive fun of the season.
Finally, Keep moving towards your goals, not away from them!

We are here for you throughout the season!  Don't hesitate to call us as you negotiate the mine-field of delicasies and temptations that threaten to get you off track ... remember, it's not all about weight loss.  It's about building new healthy habits for a life time of well-being!

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