Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday and AnyDay Survival: Creating Change Without the Carrots and Sticks

All of us, as industrious humans, are constantly reaching out to promote growth and development in ourselves and those around us ... This boils down to the desire to influence and create positive changes. Today I read an article By Dr. Michael Wu in which he describes genuine influence.

Genuine influence is the ability to cause a change in thought OR behavior under the following four conditions:

No carrot – doesn't involve monetary compensation
No stick – means that are non-coercive
No annoyance – means that are voluntary
No tricks – means that are completely transparent

And the only way to create lasting and real change is through giving value in ways which are genuine and transparent.

At Health Coach Resource, we endeavor to give value, insight, and encouragement so that each of our clients and coaches finds the strength and motivation from within to make the changes they desire with ease and confidence!  Please share with us what genuinely moves you and influences you as you move boldly towards your goals ... we want to hear your story!!!

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