Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Coaching is like using a Stethoscope!

I love working with clinics and businesses as a Health Coach!  And, I love working with Coaches to explore how they can be more effective with the clients (individuals, clinic, churches, clubs and businesses) they are working with.

Yep, don't talk when using a stethoscope! 
One of our coaches has begun to work with a busy practitioner and we explored a model for approaching the provider.  It's important to "Start with Why" (as Simon Sinek would suggest!) and ask questions.  I picture myself going in with a stethoscope in my hand ... listening to the needs of others is just like listening to someone's heart with a stethoscope, my mouth must be closed and my ears are doing all the work!

Here's what we came up with:

Make a list for yourself on what common beliefs you share, this is your mutual and overlapping "Why."
Ask her How patients needs are being met now.
What do they currently recommend and how is that working for them?
What would they like to be able to see / offer? 

Then go back to Why does she think it does or doesn't work?
How could it be better?
How would her patients benefit if it dd work?
What's happening when it doesn't work?
What would she like to change? 
What would it look like? 
How would it work? 
Why would patients respond? 
How would they access it?
What changes would she expect to see?
How would she track those changes?
Why would those changes be beneficial?

Keep doing this until you get to her third or fourth core "Why" and see if what you have to offer would be a fit .... Allow her to paint a vision in her own mind!!! 

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