Saturday, December 15, 2012

Anticipation of the Health Coach Training Event today!

I'm looking forward to the local Take Shape training this morning in Vancouver! It's especially important when I feel stressed, distracted or sad.  Attending a training session is a way to bring my business efforts to account, surround myself with motivated clients and business leaders, see the bigger picture, and fill up my fuel tank.  It energizes our entire team.  I come away with news, deepened relationships, and can reset my compass for the next phase of personal and business growth.

In preparation, I've found it helpful to do a Structural Tension Chart.  My STC for today looks like this:


  • Recharge
  • Gain Competency and Mastery of skills to improve understanding and service
  • Strengthen personal and team sense of Belonging
  • Focus on how to guide and support Health Coaches
Baby Steps:
  • Label first page of my note pad "Action Steps" so I can implement what I learn rapidly
  • Arrive 45 mins early to meet and greet team, co-workers, and speakers
  • Bring Thank-you cards with me so I can personalize thank yous to the speakers - mail w/in 24 hours
  • Sit up front and prepare to be totally present
  • Have extra pens - I like taking handwritten notes as a way to absorb the info
  • Pack plenty of food and water for the event
  • Appreciate the magnificent sunrise!!!
Current Reality:
Running a bit late as I often do but, I'll have my blog posted!  And, Greg brought me my quick breakfast of an apple, almonds, and small coffee in bed!!! I'm in a state of gratitude, anticipation .... and, I'd better get myself off the computer and out the door!

For more info on Structural Tension Charts, put it in our search box on this site ... let me know how you are using them and if you need some help!  Have a great day!

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