Friday, December 28, 2012

An Auntie's Gift ...

I had the pleasure of chatting with a wise and lovely Auntie on Christmas Eve ... she's 90 years young and she gave me a gift that I feel compelled to share ... She told me the following:
There is no Plan B.What's required of us in this life is to be Radiant. We must be Radiant and live in Paradise at all times.When I broke my hip this year, I was really angry for a moment ... then I remembered, "There is no Plan B." We are it!My dear husband is dying, and though I protest with all my heart, I remember, "There is no Plan B ... my Paradise is to be Radiant."
You cannot be radiant or live in Paradise if you are continually ruminating, looking in the rear-view mirror, or constantly feeling regrets and remorse. 

Ask for and accept forgiveness then move on in gratitude.  
Be radiantly happy. Be in a constant state of ecstasy and joy.  This is our assigned task as Children of God.

Forgive me for paraphrasing ... but you get the picture.  What a gift she has given me!

How do I put this into action???  Step one, share it.  Step two, live it.  Step three, get to work with a renewed level of enthusiasm and trust!!!  Happy old year and Happy new year!!!

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