Monday, December 31, 2012

Question: Are My Goals too Lofty?

What are your business goals for the year?  Please share them with us.  The goals are part of the Vision at the top of the Structural Tension Chart.  For me, they a listed right after my Purpose, my "Why."

Sometimes, my goals are so lofty that I wake in the wee hours of the morning worrying and agitated ...

For instance, TSFL encourages us to "Go out and get America Healthy!"  This is huge!  Bigger than I can fathom!  So, with an eye on authenticity, integrity and do-ability, I've found it helpful to make them very specific and tangible.  And, I will set my goals in the form of questions ... I did this last year and it really helped!

Question: Will January be the month when I / We help ...

  1. 15 new clients get started on the road to Hope and Better Health?
  2. new and existing clients grasp the magnitude of the gift that Dr Andersen has given us with his book, Dr A's Habits of Health?  (Let's open it and do the program systematically!)
  3. 1 young mom find a way to be home with her children and build wealth working from home?
  4. 1 dad increase the flow of income so that he can make the house payment and begin to breath again?
  5. 1 person become a fully integrated Health Coach so they can quit a job they hate?
  6. 3 clients take their appreciation of TSFL to the next level and become coaches???!!! 
  7. 2 of the physicians I've been working with, discover the joy of preventing diabetes and heart attaches and link arms with us to help more and more people?
Question: Will 2013 be the year that I / We ...
  1. see our Spanish speaking coaches experience exponential growth???
  2. develop the leadership skills to double the size of our Team and help all of them experience exponential growth?
  3. establish a coaching relationship for my midwifery colleagues and their patients?
I am so grateful and excited and have begun now, this very moment!!!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Finding the right Weight Loss Program ...

So many people will make a New Year's resolution to lose weight and get healthy, but most won't have a clear plan for how to do that. Sadly, many will abandon their resolution within the month because they didn't have either a plan or the support needed to succeed. If your resolution is to get healthy, I have both the plan AND the support to help you be successful - and my support is FREE! 

I am so excited to be helping a number of people get started on their journey, but I have room to help more - to help YOU! Please call me now!

Lessons From Robin Sharma

I was reading a blog from Robin Sharma titled, "The 50 Business + Life Lessons 2012 Taught Me."

Robin has some great motivational material and teaches people to lead without the use of titles. I have included the first 9 with a link to Robin's Blog.

  • Hard work is a force multiplier.
  • Don’t participate in recessions.
  • Exercising for 20 minutes first thing in the morning is a game-changer.
  • If you’re not innovating daily, you’re on the path to obsolescence.
  • If you want an A-Level company, you can’t afford to hire B-Level players.
  • Procrastination is an escape mechanism for people scared to do their best work.
  • Give your customers 10X the value they expect and they’ll tell everyone they know about you.
  • Don’t do it if you’re not having fun.
  • If you’re not scared a lot you’re not growing very much.
    Read all 50 of Robinbs 50 takeaways for 2012 at:  
    Lot's of helpful thoughts to help you grow.  Here are my three wishes for you:  Enjoy what you do and do it well.  Allow time for nurturing yourself and those you love.  Let honesty and passion move you forward in all you do. 
    Wishing all of you a happy 2013,
    Polly & Greg
  • Saturday, December 29, 2012

    The Money Knot ... Do you have one too?

    Shell Tain, $ensible Coaching
    This is a news letter that I've just signed up for after hearing Shell Tain present at the Northwest Coaches Association in the Fall.  In her presentation, Shell made the point that most of us establish our beliefs about money by the age of five and then allow that same five year old to be in charge of our finances for a life time!

    Thankfully, we don't have to figure life's issues out alone!!! Shell has gifted me information and helped me begin to untangle my personal "money knots."  I think you may appreciate her point of view. Given that we need health on all levels, physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial, and benefit from the skills of others, I'm pasting her newsletter in full this one time.

    Let me know how you address your financial well-being and how this new resource might help you do better, be better and coach better! Polly.

    Money Knot Masthead
    Welcome to the January, 2013 Money Knot, a newsletter that untangles your money knots.
    Who Do You Want To Be?
    Traditionally the New Year is a time when we reflect on last year and the coming year. We are often encouraged to make resolutions around the habits we are going to change or the results we want to create. Some of that forecasting and resolution making is frequently about money. We all know how that usually works out, don't we?

    And why do those ambitions frequently fall short?

    Motivational guru Zig Ziglar died this year. I'd don't share all his beliefs and perspectives, but I feel that he was more than profound when he said:
    "You cannot perform in a manner inconsistent with the way you see yourself."

    Really, you can't. And that is a fundamental piece of why so many resolutions fail. You don't actually see yourself succeeding. You don't really believe it. So before you go through the annual exercise, or before you decide to ignore the whole idea, let's explore this a bit more.

    Let's translate the "see yourself" portion of the quote into "what you believe about yourself". The words believe and belief used to mean "trust in God" while faith meant "loyalty to a person based on a promise of duty". Over time the language changed so that belief became "mental acceptance of something as true". So what we believe is what we see as true. We are limited by what we see as true about ourselves.

    There are all sorts of things that we tell ourselves as if they are the "truth", aren't there. Here are some money ones that might seem familiar:
    • I'm not good with numbers so I can't do money
    • I have to work hard and struggle to have money
    • Money is just too complex for me to understand
    • Having money would really complicate my life
    • Money is something other people understand, but I just can't get it
    Do any of them ring as true for you? What other things do you tell yourself are true for you?

    Here's where this whole thing gets kludged together. People have mixed up Belief and Truth. Truth also has had several meanings over  time. An archaic one was that to be true was to be faithful and constant. Truth more commonly means a verified or indisputable fact. So the distinction is that Truth is 100% of the time the same, and belief is what we think is true, but it may not be always True. Seems picky, I know, but it's an important distinction. Let's look at our list and see how it changes them if we don't define that as strictly the truth:
    • I'm mostly not good with numbers so I make up that I can't do money
    • I have to work hard and struggle to have money, except when it comes easily to me
    • Money is just too complex for me to understand, unless it really isn't
    • Having money would really complicate my life, except where it would make it easier
    • Money is something it looks like other people understand, and I just can't get
    Some of these shifts are subtler than others, but they are all closer to the truth.

    There is actually very little that is the Truth about money. Folding money has paintings of dead, white guys on it; that's true.   We use it every day; that's true.

    I'm fussing with all this to get you to start changing your beliefs so you can change your behavior around money and thus change the results you have with it.

    Just changing the language of how you speak about your money beliefs can open the door to new possibilities. Taking that definitive statement that sounds so firm and final and adding to it the tag line of "except when it doesn't", or "unless of course it's not" can open up those possibilities and give you new options.

    We align with our beliefs, and, although we are strongly attached to them, they are changeable. Of course, you get to decide if you want a different belief. You can keep the old one, and it will still work the way it always has. But what might be possible with a new one?

    Many of our beliefs are hold-overs and victims of the two Trap Doors of Habit and Convenience. It's just easier to keep the old belief as a Truth. It might take some work, it might be confusing. Many people find with money thinking that maintaining those old beliefs is costly not just in money. It can be costly in emotion, sense of self, time, energy, etc.

    People change, cultures change, we change our money thinking. In fact, we change our ideas about all sorts of things. It all starts with holding a new possibility.

    So start there. Start thinking "Gee, what if the earth isn't flat?" and "What if I'm not doomed to be "bad" with money?" Just start there, and see what happens as you get clear on what is the Truth, what a Belief is, the distinction, and what you want.

    "You cannot perform in a manner inconsistent with the way you see yourself." But you can change how you see yourself, and thus how you perform...why not?

    So maybe a resolution for the New Year might be to just play with those beliefs a bit and see how you can change them?



    Shell Tain
    $ensible Coaching 

    knotThe Story of the Money Knot

    Here's why it's called the Money Knot.   I've always been fond of Celtic knots, and you notice I use one as my logo.  There are several things about this knot that relate directly to our money journey: 
    One, you can see the whole knot; nothing need be hidden, it's all revealed.  
    Two, the knot has no beginning and no end; it's an ongoing, dynamic process.  
    Three, the knot that I have chosen is a bit askew, just as our money maneuvering often is.  
    Our money lives are like this knot.  They are a visible maze that is intricate and oft times challenging.  Sometimes we get stuck in a corner.  Sometimes money is confusing, embarrassing or even scary. Sometimes we get tangled up.  When we get tangled up we need to find a way to maneuver, see more clearly, to create space.  
    Think of knotted up yarn or Christmas lights.  The first step to untangling them is to loosen things up, shake them out.  My money coaching is like that. I help you to understand and maneuver through the confusion and concerns that knot you up.  Together, we will make sense of where you are on your own personal money knot, how you can work through the tangles and get to where you want to be.

    Friday, December 28, 2012

    An Auntie's Gift ...

    I had the pleasure of chatting with a wise and lovely Auntie on Christmas Eve ... she's 90 years young and she gave me a gift that I feel compelled to share ... She told me the following:
    There is no Plan B.What's required of us in this life is to be Radiant. We must be Radiant and live in Paradise at all times.When I broke my hip this year, I was really angry for a moment ... then I remembered, "There is no Plan B." We are it!My dear husband is dying, and though I protest with all my heart, I remember, "There is no Plan B ... my Paradise is to be Radiant."
    You cannot be radiant or live in Paradise if you are continually ruminating, looking in the rear-view mirror, or constantly feeling regrets and remorse. 

    Ask for and accept forgiveness then move on in gratitude.  
    Be radiantly happy. Be in a constant state of ecstasy and joy.  This is our assigned task as Children of God.

    Forgive me for paraphrasing ... but you get the picture.  What a gift she has given me!

    How do I put this into action???  Step one, share it.  Step two, live it.  Step three, get to work with a renewed level of enthusiasm and trust!!!  Happy old year and Happy new year!!!

    Is it Monday Yet???

    Each Monday, I write a check-in reminder note to clients.  Here's my note for this week:

    My experience is that this season always gives me plenty of opportunities to reflect, stress-out, laugh, cry, hug, give, and receive ... this year has been no exception.  And, it takes me a while to recover.  How about you?  What are your next steps?  What would you like to change and accomplish in the coming weeks, in the coming year?

    We are so blessed with the TSFL focus on over-all health, the Medifast 5&1 meal replacements, and the free coaching!  (Yes, I still have a coach!!!) There is nothing available on the market for weight reduction and health restoration to compare with TSFL.  We have wonderful support, cost effective results, convenience, education and sustainability.  Your input, questions, struggles, and victories add to the excellent ongoing TSFL training available to us ... we are always  "in training" and you are doing a great job!!  Thank you for that gift!

    We're looking forward to helping your friends and family members get their questions answered and get started on Program this month.  Let me know how we can support you as you reach out to help others get on the path to reclaiming their health as you are doing.

    A little History and Herstory:
    I'm so grateful that we got started with Take Shape four years ago this week!  Our lives are completely changed!!  I'm attaching our Christmas morning photo taken in Dec 2008 ... Greg and I were packing extra weight, 65 and 16 pounds respectively.  I think one of the things that had attracted me to Greg, when I met and married him 40 years ago, was that he was a "big guy" and made me look dainty in comparison!  And, as many of you know, I'd been a professional dieter since my teens.  I had a closet full of clothes that I couldn't wear - they were in many sizes, and no matter what I did, I was in a constant battle with the bulge and could never get the last 15# off!  In March this year, I will celebrate being 4 years slim and am so happy to be off the dieting yo-yo go-around!!!!

    By January 2009, within three weeks of experiencing the Program, we'd signed up as Health Coaches.  We were eager to share with anyone who would listen ... perhaps too eager at first, but our friends forgave us!  As a result, we've seen so many people completely re-invent themselves!!!   And, our lives are very different.  Not only are we slimmer, healthier, and happier, we also have the privilege to work with an amazing team of coaches.  We are confidently sharing the Program and Dr A's Habits of Health with many more people.  Best of all, we are enjoying the freedom to work together from home!  We've never had this much fun!  

    News Flash:
    Dr Andersen will be here in Portland next Friday and Saturday!  And, YOU are invited!!!!  Click "Reply" and I'll send you the details.
    There's a new App for your phone!  Check it out at
    Signing up to begin Coaching is easy!  Click "Reply" for more details!
    Our Blog, is gaining in popularity since we began focusing on coaching - check it out! 
    FaceBook connections are also growing, send us your link.  Find us and "Like" us please.
    Favorite Quotes:
    My wife bought a pair of dockers for me after I retired in 1999, I've never gotten to wear them!  But I'm wearing them now!!!  No problem, no seams burst,  I've gone from 44s to Levis size 40!!!  Hands in my pockets, inches coming off ... Last week I was 281, 281, 281 disgusting, then I saw 277!!!  
    Covering the cookies, taking foods with me, prepared c strategies, how do I want to refresh? Journal, reflect, process, reduce stress, slowly give up the fat, listening to my body, looking in mirror to see differences, more confident, positive, more energy, foundational habits, not as hungry ... WOW! 
    After cheating, this client said she felt "yucky" and wrote: It makes sense because I felt hungrier than normal all day today and a little headachey.  I am glad parties don't happen too often.  I feel like, at the next party, I will set up a plan beforehand and stick to it.  I feel like I need to make better choices next time, but I am glad I tasted that superdelicious dessert. Thank you for your thoughts.  Your Monday check-ins always remind me to stay on track.
    Please WELCOME another new health coach joining us in the mission to get America Healthy, one of my best friends on the planet, Natasha S Dixon !!! After reaching her first milestone, 1/3 of the weight she wants to lose, she sees that this program WORKS and is inspired to help others! She's an amazing healer and I'm so excited to see the positive difference & impact she will make in the lives of so many! Congratulations my friend! You are going to ROCK IT!

    (I love this one!) Dearest Polly,  I always look forward to your weekly e-mail news.  The couple this week look amazing and I know they have added many years to their lives.  Continue helping folks.  My love,  Mom. 

    I can't wait to hear from you!  Call, text, and click Reply frequently!!!
    Thanks again for everything you do!  Polly.

    Monday, December 24, 2012

    Notes to Self ... Reminders and Action Steps

    Greg and I are participating in a TSFL Miller Team webinar this morning and we are getting so much out of it.  Here are a few Notes to Self, reminders and action steps ...

    • By helping many, many clients, we can hand pick our coaches.
    • Keep focusing on opening the doors of possibility for clients and coaches so they can feel the momentum.
    • Keep it simple - use all the incredible tools given to us by the Take Shape leadership. 
    • Writing down our monthly goals takes them from the realm of dreams to reality - do a Structural Tension Chart monthly and share it with my mentor.
    • Shift from being so "creative" and bent on recreating the wheel ... choose the Pack wisely then run with it!
    • When interviewing a prospective Health Coach, think about the skills they bring to the team and what TSFL has to offer them.
    • Believing in others is like breathing life into their sails.
    • Know my "Why" and get better and better at helping others find theirs.
    • Recognize my mistakes ... I was thinking I was "different" ... yes I am unique but I'm after the same things.  Like everyone else, I an pursuing a happy, healthy, wealthy life.  I benefit from others who are running ahead of me ... I'm not alone and don't need to do it all myself.
    • The training and info can be like trying to "Drink out of a fire-hose" so keep it simple, go to every training, take your time and do a little everyday.

    Sunday, December 23, 2012

    Great article on obesity from the perspective of African American women ...

    Black women battle obesity with dialogue, action

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Nicole Ari Parker was motivated by frustration. For Star Jones, it was a matter of life or death. Toni Carey wanted a fresh start after a bad breakup.
    All three have launched individual campaigns that reflect an emerging priority for African-American women: finding creative ways to combat the obesity epidemic that threatens their longevity.
    African-American women have the highest obesity rate of any group of Americans. Four out of five black women have a body mass index above 25 percent, the threshold for being overweight or obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. By comparison, nearly two-thirds of Americans overall are in this category, the CDC said.
    Many black women seem to not be be bothered that they are generally heavier than other Americans.
    Calorie-rich, traditional soul food is a staple in the diets of many African-Americans, and curvy black women are embraced positively through slang praising them as "thick" with a "little meat on their bones," or through songs like the Commodore's "Brick House" or "Bootylicious" by Destiny's Child. A study by the Kaiser Family Foundation and The Washington Post earlier this year found that 66 percent of overweight black women had high self-esteem, while 41 percent of average-sized or thin white women had high self-esteem.
    Still, that doesn't mean black women reject the need to become healthier.
    Historically black, all-female Spelman College in Atlanta is disbanding its NCAA teams and devoting those resources to a campus-wide wellness program. In an open letter announcing Spelman's "wellness revolution," president Beverly Daniel Tatum cited a campus analysis that found many of Spelman's 2,100 students already have high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes or other chronic ailments.
    "Spelman has an opportunity to change the health trajectory of our students and, through their influence, the communities from which they come," Tatum's letter said.
    Jones, who underwent open heart surgery in 2010 at age 47 and now urges awareness about heart disease among black women, was met by an overflow crowd earlier this year when she convened a Congressional Black Caucus Foundation panel on black women and obesity.
    "We have to get ourselves out of being conditioned to think that using soft words so we don't hurt peoples' feelings is doing them any favor," Jones said. "Curvy, big-boned, hefty, full-figured, fluffy, chubby. Those are all words designed to make people feel better about themselves. That wasn't helpful to me."
    Jones once embraced being large and fabulous, at 5 feet 5 inches tall and 300 pounds. But under that exterior, she said, she was morbidly obese, suffering from extreme fatigue, nausea, lightheadedness, heart palpitations and blurred vision. The attorney and TV personality also had gastric bypass surgery in 2003.
    Now, she advises women to make simple changes such as reducing salt intake, exercising 30 minutes a day, quitting smoking, controlling portion sizes and making nutritious dietary choices.
    Nutritionist and author Rovenia M. Brock, known professionally as Dr. Ro, agrees with Jones. She said getting active is only about 20 percent of the fight against obesity. The rest revolves around how much people eat.
    "Our plates are killing us," she said.
    Brock said "food deserts," or urban areas that lack quality supermarkets, are a real obstacle. She suggested getting around that by carpooling with neighbors to stores in areas with higher-quality grocery options or buying food in bulk. She also suggested growing herbs and vegetables in window-box gardens.
    "Stop focusing on what's not there, or what you think is not there," Brock said. "We have to get out of this wimpy, 'woe is me' mentality."
    While first lady Michelle Obama has encouraged exercise through her "Let's Move" campaign targeting childhood obesity, the spark for this current interest among black women may have been comments last year by Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, who observed publicly that women must stop allowing concern about their hair to prevent them from exercising.
    Some black women visit salons as often as every two weeks, investing several hours and anywhere from $50 to hundreds of dollars each visit — activity that, according to the Black Owned Beauty Supply Association, helps fuel a $9 billion black hair care and cosmetics industry.
    In an interview during a health conference in Washington last week, Benjamin said the damage sweat can inflict on costly hairstyles can affect women's willingness to work out, and she hopes to change that. She goes to beauty industry conferences to encourage stylists to create exercise-friendly hairdos.
    "I wouldn't say we use it as an excuse, we use it as a barrier," Benjamin said. "And that's not one of the barriers anymore. We're always going to have problems with balancing our lives, but we could take that one out."
    Parker, an actress who starred in "A Streetcar Named Desire" on Broadway earlier this year, understands this dilemma well. Out of personal frustration over maintaining both her workout and her hair, she created "Save Your Do" Gymwrap — a headband that can be wrapped around the hair in a way that minimizes sweat and preserves hairstyles.
    "Not just as a black woman, but as a woman, since the beginning of time, beauty has been our responsibility," Parker said in an interview. Because of that, she said, exercise has become linked with vanity instead of health.
    "We've turned exercise into a weight-loss regimen," Parker said. "No. Exercise is about being grateful for the body you have and sustaining the life you have. ... Take all the hype out of the exercise and think of it as brushing your teeth."
    With their mutual family histories of diabetes and high blood pressure in mind, Carey, 28, and her sorority sister Ashley Hicks, 29, co-founded the running club Black Girls Run. Carey also considered it a new beginning after a bad breakup and a move across country. Since 2009, Black Girls Run has amassed 52,000 members who serve as a support system for runners.
    Black Girls Run has about 60 groups nationwide that coordinate local races in Atlanta, New York, San Francisco, Washington, D.C, Houston and Greensboro, N.C. Most groups run at least five times a week. Next month, the national running club will take its first "Black Girls Run — Preserve the Sexy" tour to cities with high obesity rates. The tour includes health and fitness clinics with information on nutrition, hair maintenance and running gear.
    "We found that when you want to get healthy and when you want to be active, it's intimidating," Carey said. "You don't know where to start. There's a little coaxing that has to go along with that."
    Parker said once African-American women place value on their bodies and longevity, everything else will follow. It costs her nothing, she said, to walk around an outdoor track with her husband, actor Boris Kodjoe, or run up and down stairs at home with her headphones.
    "One good step breeds another one," Parker said. "You're going to have one less margarita, one less scoop of Thanksgiving macaroni ... and yet you're not doing anything fanatical or dramatic."

    Saturday, December 22, 2012

    We are real ... Poignant Endorsements in Weight-Loss Campaign

    This made me tear up ... I meet people like this all the time! Enjoy!!

    Poignant Endorsements in Weight-Loss Campaign

    The three largest weight loss companies offer contrasting approaches to slimming down, but when it comes to marketing, they are identical in one way: they all hire celebrity endorsers.
    In a commercial for Medifast, Kimberley Vandlen speaks to herself after she lost 50 pounds. “You look beautiful, you do,” says Ms. Vandlen, as she tries not to cry.

    The current roster of famous pound-shedders includes Jennifer Hudson for Weight Watchers, Marie Osmond for Nutrisystem and Valerie Bertinelli for Jenny Craig.
    Now another weight loss company,Medifast, is introducing an advertising campaign that eschews celebrities.
    A new commercial opens on a woman named Kimberley Vandlen, who is overweight, standing in a kitchen speaking to a woman whose back is to the camera.
    “You look beautiful, you do,” says Ms. Vandlen, choking back tears. “You look so beautiful.”
    After text flashes on the screen that says, “Kimberley discusses weight loss,” the camera shifts to face the other woman, and new text appears on the screen: “With herself.”
    That woman, it turns out, is also Ms. Vandlen, but almost 50 pounds lighter — and radiant. Voice quavering, the thinner Ms. Vandlen says, “This is all you.”
    Her two versions, thanks to crafty editing, face each other in the same frame and appear to converse in real time.
    Heavier Ms. Vandlen: “I never thought I could look like that. Thank you.”
    Thinner Ms. Vandlen: “Thank you for wanting it.”
    The commercial, which closes with the tagline, “Become yourself,” is by Solve, an independent advertising and branding agency in Minneapolis. It will be introduced on television and online on Jan. 1, along with spots featuring two other Medifast dieters — another woman and a man — conversing with thinner versions of themselves.
    Aimed primarily at women aged 35 to 64, the commercials will run widely on networks including A&E, Lifetime and the Food Network. Print ads will appear in publications including People, Better Homes & Gardens and Cooking Light.
    “We just feel like people don’t connect as much with celebrities,” said Brian Kagen, chief marketing officer of Medifast. “Because they know that perhaps the celebrities also may have had a personal trainer or a personal chef, which normal people don’t have.”
    Medifast, which declined to reveal how much it would spend on the campaign, spent $25.5 million on advertising in the first nine months of 2012, behind Jenny Craig, with $39.5 million; Weight Watchers, with $200 million; and Nutrisystem, with $208.4 million, according Kantar Media, which is owned by WPP.
    The new campaign was set in motion in the fall of 2011, when the agency, with the help of a casting director who specializes in finding nonactors for commercials, began seeking consumers who wanted to lose weight.
    (Ms. Vandlen has in the past auditioned for commercials, but had never been cast in one, and her Medifast spots, like others in the campaign, were unscripted.)
    Along with compensation, the brand offered free Medifast portion-controlled food products, which are integral to the program, along with the telephone and online consultations with dietitians and nutritionists available to typical Medifast customers.
    Four people were selected, and were first filmed before they started the Medifast diet at a private home in Studio City, Calif., in January 2012. All were filmed speaking to a Medifast nutritionist, and were directed to converse with the nutritionist as if they were speaking with their future, thinner selves.
    Of the four subjects, the three that lost the most weight were called back to the same house in September. Right before filming began, each was for the first time shown footage from the interview recorded in January.
    “They put the computer in front of me, and I said, ‘I can’t believe you’re going to do that,’ ” Ms. Vandlen said in a recent interview, recalling seeing the footage of her prediet self.
    “I broke down in tears,” she said, “because I remember ‘that’ girl, and I remember how badly she was feeling and not wanting to get up from the couch or play with my daughter because my knees would ache or ankles would ache.”
    When the cameras began rolling, she and the nutritionist swapped places, and this time the nutritionist fed Ms. Vandlen her own words back to her so that she was, effectively, having a conversation with her heavier self.
    All of the commercials were shot and edited to leave no trace of the nutritionist, only the dieter at different weights.
    “Some of it was hard to watch,” said John Colasanti, the chief executive of Solve, about being on the set. “To watch these people bare their souls, you felt like kind of a voyeur.”
    Mr. Colasanti added that, while the weight loss was certainly evident in the commercials, the dieters were chosen based on their passion for trimming down for health and emotional reasons beyond vanity.
    “To think about weight loss as something that’s going to be added to your life rather than deducted from it was sort of the germ of the idea,” Mr. Colasanti said. “It isn’t what you lose, it’s what you gain.”
    Jay Jacobs, who lost 181 pounds competing on the 11th season of “The Biggest Loser,” and who is also a managing partner of the Shurn Group, a wellness branding firm, reviewed the new Medifast commercials and was impressed.
    “I think they’re brilliant because they feel authentic,” Mr. Jacobs said. “They didn’t feel staged, they didn’t feel trite — they were all very believable, and that’s what’s going to make them resonate with people.”
    John LaRosa, research director of Marketdata Enterprises, a market research company in Tampa, Fla., lauded Medifast for ignoring what he called the “follow the leader” mentality of celebrity marketing by weight loss companies.
    Mr. LaRosa reviewed the new campaign, which he called clever.
    “It’s going to be a campaign that gets some notice and gains some traction,” Mr. LaRosa said of the new Medifast commercials. “And it cost them a hell of a lot less because they don’t have to pay celebrities millions of dollars.”

    From the New York Times, Dec 19th

    Friday, December 21, 2012

    Give them their future back, Give the Gift of Health and Hope!

    When you're ready, let me know! This is real, doable, cost neutral, and sustainable ...

    Greg and I are celebrating our third year of better health, happier attitudes, and normal weight after many years of frustration, dieting, and fear of getting older. We are now paying it forward with more joy than I could ever have imagined!

    By the way, Medifast uses real people for their ads. Check out this article in the New York Times!

    Thursday, December 20, 2012

    A View from my Window

    Tony Jeary in his book, Strategic Acceleration, refers to the way in which we see the world, our relationship to it, and to other people, as our "Belief Window."  Mr Jeary goes on to explain that, "Our belief window is shaped by the facts or ideas we accept as truth and our personal experience as it relates to those facts."

    If visions of sugar plums and golden arches dance in our heads and all around us, the resulting obesity becomes accepted as the norm and our view of health may be limited.  While we may be able to hire a window washer to clean the windows in our homes, the only person with the ability to clean your "belief window" is yourself.  The things we believe to be true have a direct impact on the outcome of any changes we would like to make in our lives. Therefore, it is important to have a clear vision of what you want, a good understanding of your purpose, and the value of the desired changes.  The value placed on positive changes affects not only yourself, but the lives of your friends and family as well.

    While no one can clean your belief window, asking for support and coaching is appropriate and often necessary to success. There are many types of support systems for dealing with life's issues, at Health Coach Resource, our call to action is the Take Shape for Life program lead by Dr Wayne Andersen, author of "Dr A's Habits of Health."  Whether you are a person seeking a clearer view of a world with health or a person interested in becoming a Health Coach, we invite you to contact us today and learn more about our vision of a healthier world.

    Wednesday, December 19, 2012

    Come meet Dr Andersen in person!

    We owe Dr Andersen a bucket load of Thanks!

    Come meet the man and hear about the program and company that has changed the lives of so many of us!!!

    Add Your Name to the Guest List and let us know you'll be attending.  Be sure to arrive early, it will be a full house.

    Take Shape For Life Super Regional Event

    • Friday, January 4, 2013 • 6:30 pm
    • Hosted by Presidential Directors
    • The Red Lion Hotel on the River
    • 909 North Hayden Island Drive
    • Portland, OR 97217
    We would love to have you join us & please feel free to bring family & friends! The evening will feature our special guest, Dr. Wayne Scott Andersen, co-founder & Medical Director of TSFL, and author of "Dr. A's Habits of Health".
    Join Dr. Andersen & Top TSFL Leaders for this exciting event. We would love for you to be our guest.
    Please RSVP to the Health Coach who invited you. Come early! This will be an exciting & educational event that you won't want to miss.

    Tuesday, December 18, 2012

    Personal Benefits of Becoming a Coach

    As I muddle through shopping, wrapping, card sending, and holiday partying, I'm constantly thinking: 
    • How I'm going to embrace 2013.  
    • What do I want for the new year?  
    • What did I experience and accomplish this past year?  
    • How can I add more value, become more skilled, share more love, be more authentic, and help more people get off the road leading to obesity, ill health, and premature demise?  
    I love helping you develop your coaching skills because I know that when you are reaching out and coaching your friends and family to health, you are doing yourself a huge favor!!! You are ... 

    • building a strong network of health around you.
    • helping people you care about re-invent themselves - enjoy the photo of Chelsey and Matt and imagine how different their lives are now!!!
    • reinforcing all the good habits you're learning - Hurrah for BESLIM ... if you don't remember what this means, go to chapter 12 in Dr A's Habits of Health and call me!
    • making yourself accountable ... coaches have > 85% of keeping their own weight off when coaching others!
    • starting your training as a professional health coach for part-time of full-time joy (I started to say "work" but that wasn't the right word!!!)
    By the way, currently, only 2% of our clients are referring friends and family regularly ... this means that many people are googling Medifast, placing a few orders, and using it as a diet.  Take Shape for Life offers so much more!  Please tell everyone who notices, "I'm doing a comprehensive program that includes a Health Coach (yours truly), working with Dr A's Habits of Health, and using a 5&1 system."  They will have a much higher rate of success if they call me!!!   

    I'd love to hear your feedback, your thoughts, your plans, hopes and dreams for the coming year ...

    Monday, December 17, 2012

    People I met Saturday ...

    Saturday, at the monthly TSFL Coach Training,  I met many people that you might be able to relate to.  Several of them shared their stories with me, there was a ...

    • ... young mom who had been miserably obese and couldn't get off the sofa easily to play with her kids. "My husband loved me how I was but knew I wan't happy.  He knew my chronic fatigue and frustration wasn't good for our family.  He said, 'Honey, we're going to do this ... We'll do this together!"  She's taken off 86 pounds so far and can play with her kids and walk them to and from school!
    •  ... nurse who's cousin was exhausted, in pain, and suffering terribly due to excess weight.  "I didn't have any answers for him so I decided to research all the options.  Take Shape won hands down!   We didn't think it was possible, we had given up hope!!  Now, my cousin is a brand new person!  He's thriving!  I decided to reach out and help others ... I love the calls, texts, and emails ... I want to help everyone I can!!!"
    • ... Vet with PTSD who had become addicted to pain and anti-depressant meds ... he shared his story of finding fly fishing and connecting with a coach who helped him get on a journey of health.  He's off the meds, looking and feeling fit, and paying it forward by helping others!
    Even as I reread my own note, I know it sounds "corny" and would be easily put aside as a "too good to be true gimmick."  The truth is, Take Shape for Life is a comprehensive system to help individuals and families reclaim health.  Using the tools - the Health Coach, Dr A's Habits of Health, and the 5&1 Program - we are experiencing ongoing, sustainable well-being on every level!!!

    This is why I love being a Health Coach ... this is why I am constantly pursuing professionalism, education, and improvement.  This is why I love hearing from you ... I love the stories, connections, and transformations I've become part of!  PS, If you ore someone you know is interested in becoming a Health Coach or wants more info, have them call me right away!!

    Sunday, December 16, 2012

    Standing "For" something is very different than standing "Against" something

    I really enjoy reading the Optimist and the Co-Founder, Jurriaan, expresses the feeling of many of us here ...

    Company Logo
    Dear Friend, 
    About the massacre: Mother Theresa famously said: "I'm not againstwar, I'm for peace". Profound wisdom. 

    Please take a moment with me to direct your love to not just the young victims of the overwhelmingly painful massacre at the school in Connecticut and their families, but to all people who live in challenging, sad and painful circumstances in our world. Anyone can turn into a gunman if s/he is feeling left out, disconnected and lost. A gunman shames us all.Let's make sure that we take care of all our sisters and brothers. 

    Let's focus on a world that we do want to create and live in. Let's ignore the media that will spread ever more fear with their reporting. 

    Gun control will help to prevent massacres. But ultimately we can only create a peaceful and safe society when we are wholeheartedly and passionately for such a society. And not when we are against guns. 

    We must change our thoughts from being against things we don't want to being for things we do want. Scientists are discovering that thoughts are vibrations. Thoughts are energy. And from physics we know that energy cannot be destroyed. Today we live the life of our yesterday's thoughts. Whatever occupies our minds becomes reality. So if we direct our thoughts to something that we don't want, that energy will translate into the very thing our mind is preoccupied with and we get what we don't want. 

    For most of us, when we look at our lives, we see many things we don't want.We give a lot of thought to what we don't want. Therefore, as strange as that may sound, we should not wonder why bad things continue to happen. Our lives and society reflect our thinking. 
    Dramatic transformation happens when we consciously direct our thoughts to what we do want. That's what people do who miraculously recover from life-threatening diseases. That's why breakthroughs happen after decades of violent conflicts when leaders finally embrace peace. 

    We need change. We long for peace. So let's think peace. Let's dream peace. Let's do peace. Every day. 
    Let's feed our minds and souls with possibility. We have not prevented the massacre in Connecticut. Yet, there is one thing we can do today. We can commit ourselves to the world we really want to live in. We can commit ourselves to joining the ones who dare to dream for better, safer and more just. 

    Scientists have found that stress leads to neural degeneration. If we bombard ourselves with negative thinking and negative news we increase the rate of cell death in vital parts of our brains. That's the beginning of many problems. 

    We want the life of "for" and "pro". We need to sustain our belief in opportunities and positive change. We need to embrace our optimism -- the very mission of The Intelligent Optimist
    It is an answer to the hurt we feel about the school in Connecticut and to the hurt we feel about so many other wrongs in our world. 

    Please join us in our mission to spread the message of "for" to change the lives of many. 

    This is the time. 
    We are the ones, 

    Optimistically yours,
    Interesting Image
    Jurriaan Kamp
    Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief
    The Intelligent Optimist

    Saturday, December 15, 2012

    Anticipation of the Health Coach Training Event today!

    I'm looking forward to the local Take Shape training this morning in Vancouver! It's especially important when I feel stressed, distracted or sad.  Attending a training session is a way to bring my business efforts to account, surround myself with motivated clients and business leaders, see the bigger picture, and fill up my fuel tank.  It energizes our entire team.  I come away with news, deepened relationships, and can reset my compass for the next phase of personal and business growth.

    In preparation, I've found it helpful to do a Structural Tension Chart.  My STC for today looks like this:


    • Recharge
    • Gain Competency and Mastery of skills to improve understanding and service
    • Strengthen personal and team sense of Belonging
    • Focus on how to guide and support Health Coaches
    Baby Steps:
    • Label first page of my note pad "Action Steps" so I can implement what I learn rapidly
    • Arrive 45 mins early to meet and greet team, co-workers, and speakers
    • Bring Thank-you cards with me so I can personalize thank yous to the speakers - mail w/in 24 hours
    • Sit up front and prepare to be totally present
    • Have extra pens - I like taking handwritten notes as a way to absorb the info
    • Pack plenty of food and water for the event
    • Appreciate the magnificent sunrise!!!
    Current Reality:
    Running a bit late as I often do but, I'll have my blog posted!  And, Greg brought me my quick breakfast of an apple, almonds, and small coffee in bed!!! I'm in a state of gratitude, anticipation .... and, I'd better get myself off the computer and out the door!

    For more info on Structural Tension Charts, put it in our search box on this site ... let me know how you are using them and if you need some help!  Have a great day!