Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Want to Succeed?

Dr Andersen writes:
What can you do if you really want to succeed?
  1. Talk to your Health Coach and tell them that you are ready and want their help.
  2. Make a point to get on all the support calls
  3. Sign up for online Support and Tracking … We have an interactive, internet support tool where you can learn about getting healthy, plot your goals and follow them on a chart, log your daily meals, chat with others, learn new recipes.  
  4. Keep a daily journal
  5. Write a daily affirmation a say it often.
  6. Have a clear set of goals and what you will need to do to reach them
  7. Exercise when the time is right…3 weeks into the program for most.
  8. Follow the directions in your quick start book exactly.
  • measure your meals
  • drink your water
  • follow the program carefully
  • eat within your first hour of waking
  • don’t over exercise in the first 3 weeks.
9.    Become a Health Coach yourself!  Our health coaches have a very high success rate and find it easy to keep it off…when you talk the talk, you’ve got to walk the walk.
10.  Read Dr. A’s Habits of Health and get the new Companion Guide along with self study video to help you stay on track.

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