Thursday, November 14, 2013

Veteran's Day Note from 2011

Good Morning!
My thoughts have been focused on our Veterans ... especially my dad and my father-in-law ... They gave a firm foundation and understanding about what it means to be of service to others, both were full of integrity and humor and are sorely missed.  

There are two more thoughts that I have been exploring:
  1. The US military recruiters are turning away 27% of the potential recruits (9 Million young people this year!) because they are too heavy to enlist.  See today's posts on the topic on this site.
  2. Each of us is a veteran of the war on personal chubbiness and have been in the Yo-Yo Dieting Trenches!  Thank goodness for Take Shape for Life, my Health Coach, the Program, and Dr A's Habits of Health!!!
I hope you have been following my posts on "30 Days of Hope and Inspiration.You can find them here and on FaceBook.

We've been busy writing and posting all week long - you can check out this week's posts on Tracking Your ProgressFavorite Recipes, and a delightful note written by Greg called Waste Basket vs Waist Basket.

Here's my Favorite Quotes of the Week:
This is so amazing!  I've been on blood pressure meds since 1982 ... this week, my doctor told me to only take half and in a month, we can consider taking me off of it all together!!
Being on Program is saving me lots of money ... I know what I'm going to eat and when.  We are eating out less and becoming more active every day!
Thank you for helping me recommit and for sharing the holiday tips.
I tacked my chubby pants to my bathroom wall, they remind me to be proud of myself and keep my focus.
Purchasing my food for a month at a time really freaked me out at first ... until I began to run low!  Also,  my husband had an amazing insight. He talked me to about how many people, when faced with a terminal illness, would do anything to get that time back, and anything to fix it, AND how we have the opportunity to AVOID it if we do this NOW. This means we don't have to have regrets that we didn't do all we could when we could.  And since when faced with a stroke, or heart attack, or amputation, or blindness from diabetes, we would be willing to do or spend anything to make it better, we figure we are making it better now, and hopefully just avoiding it.

Have a fabulous week!  Check in today and as often as you need to!!!   Polly.

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