Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Survival Tips: 'Tis the Season to be stressed?

OK, it's "The Season" to make merry and be a bit stressed!

We're on the count down to Chanukah, Winter Solstice, Soyaluna, DongZhi, Christmas, Boxing Day, Kwanzza, and New Year's Eve ... I'll bet you, like me, have a lot on your mind ... we are being bombarded by Ho Ho advertising, missing loved ones, unattainable expectations ...there's a lot to do.  This can lead to feelings of exhaustion, guilt, and being chronically a day late and a dollar short!

So, since all of us are on the determined journey to better physical, mental, and financial health, all the posts from now until December 31st are going to focus on "Holiday Survival Tips."  These tips can be used anytime of the year!  The ones that have been posted so far, in case you haven't read them and would like to look them up, include:
Click Here to read more on the Holidays and Holy Days that are being celebrated in December.
Click Here for one of the helpful sites I found to reduce stress during the holidays.
Let's make this the Happiest, Healthiest Holiday Season ever!!!

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