Thursday, November 15, 2012

Day 25 of 30 Days of Hope and Inspiration: Zach just wanted to feel better!

No longer diabetic????

That's just what Zach's doctor told him after dropping 80 lbs on our program. It can start with weight loss, or just wanting better health, but the outcome is renewed life and vitality.

Research shows that when an individual sheds 50 pounds of excess body weight, they can gain 10 years of additional, healthy life!  Not only was Zach able to come off his medications for diabetes and hypertension, but he's also getting out of his "comfort zone" ... A zone that was leading him down a path of nagging worry, spiraling discomfort, and financial stress! He has improved the odds that he'll avoid premature heart disease, joint inflammation, stroke, and many cancers.

What does it take to propel us out of our "comfort zone?"  If you had a chance for optimal health, would you take it?  Call me let's talk!

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