Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 24 of Hope: I Caught this Baby, Now Her Story Catches Me!

Mary's determination was amazing on the day of her arrival many moons ago (I was midwife to her mom and dad on that memorable day!)  She tried to make her grand entrance while her mom showered!  Fast forward, Mary has struggled with obesity since early childhood. Recently, her weight has kept her from meeting one of her life's key goals ... to get into the Marine Corps.  In the several years, her determination to slim down and tone up so that she can join the military is nothing short of incredible ... she has shed 118 pounds.  Way to go Mary!!  And, watch out Marines, a new leader is at your doorstep!" 

Here's Mary's story in her own words ... don't miss a line!

It has actually been 2 years.. with the last 50 pounds having come off since last thanksgiving.  I have gone from a size 22-24 (I owned 22's.. but they most definitely were too small.. I was just to stubborn and refused to buy a size larger!)  I have currently lost 118 pounds!.. and am into a size 9/10 when it comes to clothing! 

I have always been over-weight. The first number I remember was from my 7th grade sports physical where at around 5'4"-5" I weighed in at 173 pounds!.. By 8th grade I was at 200 and climbed to 220 during high school.. 

I always played it off like I was completely comfortable with my self, if fact I would be the one to crack the first fat joke! I believed that I was doing this to make it my weapon, if I acknowledged it first, then it took the power away from others who could use it against me. I often used my size to my advantage as well, in sports especially and often played it off as though it was how I wanted it to be. In reality I simply believed my self to be a far better actor than those around me.

My turning moment was at a physical with my doctor, having not weighed myself in nearly 4 years and finding that I hit the scale and the numbers told me 288. I made the nurse let me re-do it.. twice. To make matters worse my doctor had me do a round of diabetes testing, which I gratefully tested out of.  I still spent several more months in denial.. but decided that something had to happen when I had to order my grad gown for my AA degree in a XXL, and was only just comfortable.

I started walking, and doing ALOT of water aerobics. My doctor made me stop trying to run after the first 6 weeks because he was afraid I might be developing stress fractures in my feet due to my weight and the impact. Like many people I have struggled off and on with seasonal depression as well. ... I find walking in the woods and 10 min twice a week in a low level tanning booth does wonders.. (though I clearly do not tan.. unless you count my freckles connecting).

On one of my winter walks up Mt Pisgah I stopped on a ridge to sit on a bench.. and read the plaque I had walked by at least a dozen times. "Don't cheat yourself when you are young"- dedicated to Don McLane. For whatever reason on that day those words resonated and I haven't looked back.

Whether we are in our 20's, 30's, 50's, 70's or older, we are too young to let us stand in our own way.  I am too young to give up on my dreams because I won't stop putting things I don't need in my mouth. I am too young to commit suicide by fork. I am too young not to do exactly what I want to do exactly when I want to do it!

Now it's really just about day-to-day choices.. and deciding with every meal every day that this is really not a diet, but is my life style choice.  It takes planning and fore thought. .. and many of the habits are becoming very second nature.. I'm not saying its easy.. but its getting easier. I just have to remember how hard it was to turn me around.. and realize that there is no way in hell I want to have to do it again.

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