Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 19 of 30 Days of Hope and Inspiration: She had given up on her dreams ...

Here is Whitni’s story. "I've struggled with weight my entire life. After 35 years, I'd not only given up on ever being healthy, but I had also given up on many other dreams.

Since February, I have lost 89 lbs. And guess what? Not only am I feeling better than I ever have in my life (physically AND mentally), but my increasingly better health has opened up 

"new" possibilities--including being able to have more children!

I am now 8 weeks pregnant--this is something my husband and I had longed for, dreamed of, and had finally given up during the past 10 years. Dreams DO come true! Never give up hope!”  
Whitni's coach is also a midwife and says, "You can imagine how this story makes me feel!" 

As always, if you want more information, call me or private message me. Are you enjoying these stories?

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