Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Extraordinary Costs of an Old Sideshow Act

The growing obesity epidemic is not just a circus sideshow anymore.  The health care cost of obesity for our country are nearly $160,000,000,000.00 ($160 billion) annually.  To put this into perspective, the damages from hurricane "Sandy" are expected to cost $50 billion.  For health care alone, this equals the cost of damages from hurricanes Sandy and Katrina combined, every year.   According to the National Institute of Health the number of deaths each year attributed to obesity exceeds 300,000 surpassing tobacco as the number one preventable killer.  Put into perspective, Sandy took less than 70 lives.

What is even more "freakish," is a 2009 report from Emory University, entitled "The Future Cost of Obesity." The study indicates that at the current rate we are gaining weight as a nation, the estimated health care costs for obesity related illness will be $344 billion dollars by 2018.  According to this study, in 5 years, the national average obesity rate will top 42.8%, with 6 states estimated to be over 50%.

Together we can make a difference for the people we love and our nation as a whole.  Help us start the dialog that can bring us back from the brink.  We look forward to sharing the "Habits of Health" message with your church, service organization, or place of employment.  This "Frankenstorm" of extraordinary magnitude requires us to act and work together!  Call us today, let's get this show on the road.

From Sideshow to Man on the Street
"This is Chauncy Morlan, and around 100 years ago his obesity was so shocking that people would pay money to see him as he toured the country as a circus “fat man”.

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