Saturday, October 27, 2012

Do you have a block that's in your way?

Robert Fritz is one of my favorite people and trainers ... here's his note from this morning:

A question that came from the last "Mastery of Dialogue"
TeleClass I did was....

"I just want to say that I really enjoy your TeleClass because
you helped me understand the questions I need to ask. However, I
find that I struggle with talking to my prospects like there's a
block when I talk."

One of the reasons you might be having a block is because you may
still be concentrating on what you are going to gain from talking
with people.

Here’s what happens when you focus on you and what you want -
your anxiety level goes up. When your anxiety goes up you're not
relaxed. You can't think, nor are you creative, except you create
your own block and end up serving no one. Least of all yourself!

The answer is to:

  * Let go of what you want! DETACH from your expectations and

  * Focus simply on the Process of Discovery to find out if they
  still have the kind of problems that you might be able to help
  them solve. THAT'S ALL! If they do... THEN you introduce the
  idea that you can help!

The Discovery Process in Natural Selling replaces the urge to
present or telling your story to soon, persuading, closing and
objection handling.  It's the exact opposite from conventional
selling and will give you the exact opposite results.

End result. You’ll remove that block you're having!

To explore the Discovery Process further, you can hear it in
action on my audio program "Calling Leads".

Best Wishes,


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