Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Health Coaching vs Diet Coaching ...

I want to stress that we are Health Coaches, (Keep reading and re-reading Dr A's book!) and not weight loss or diet coaches.  That said, we have an opportunity to witness another person's pain, process and progress.  We've been blessed with a Program that actually works and is sustainable!

The following note from a relatively new client brought tears to my eyes ... though she and I had met once before and chatted frequently, this is the next layer that she's been willing to share.  Thankfully, we don't coach in isolation!  We are supported in our coaching role by TSFL, have access to the Nutrition Support Team, and behavioral psychologists who are available to clients as well.  Also, we are encouraged repeatedly to direct clients to connect with their providers and community resources. 

OK, here's the tender note ... being present is so powerful! ... hearing the stories of our clients is very humbling!  I  encourage you to keep reaching out ... listen more than you speak ... 

I have noticed a pattern in myself recently of 2 steps forward and 1 step back so this week was the 1 step back again.  I am taking steps to correct that situation though. I have discovered and come to the conclusion that popcorn is no longer allowed to cross the threshold of my house. We are not able to dwell peacefully together - it had to go. 
I have a history of Bulimia which not many people know about me.  It developed when I was in my early teens.  I binged, I purged, and I became addicted to exercise.  I didn't know that was what I had or even that it was a problem until a few years later.  The first time I heard about Bulimia and it's symptoms I knew that someone had taken a look at my life and put a label on it. Thankfully I was always too smart (or a chicken) when it came to any type of drug use -so I didn't get into taking laxatives or anything like that.  
I had always had problems with acid stomach caused by stress and would get sent home from school with stomach aches as early as 3rd grade. Between the ages of 13-15 I lived on tums, rolaids, maalox, and mylanta because that's what the doctors said to take even though they thought it was all in my head. After I left home at age 15 I went to the doctor and had an Upper GI series that showed the acid was eating a hole through the lining of my stomach (so much for it being all in my head). I didn't like taking medications and I was a runaway so back to the rolaids.  
The binging (has been hard) to address and conquer.  Being on plan has helped a lot but I still have some definite room for improvement.  Foods that I have known myself to binge on are not allowed in my house. If I dont buy it and don't have access to it then I can't eat it.  Thus this week popcorn was evicted from my life and my house.   
I have to keep reminding myself that my journey is about moving forward so with each step forward I must dig my feet in a little deeper to support my stance until I am ready to take the next step.  It is okay to hold ground where I am until I am ready to move forward again so long as it is only a temporary layover to regain my resolve, assess the road ahead, take a deep breath, and get going on the journey again.  As always, feel free to share any part of my story that you feel may help someone else as just my being able to share with you has been of tremendous help to me.  Take care and have a good week and I will too :)      
We are Health Coaches and I'm so grateful to clients and coaches on our team ... We are constantly learning, growing and engaging.  We offer Hope. If you are interested in losing weight, gaining health, and helping others, let me know ... the resources, training, and support are awesome!  Polly.

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