Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday is one of my Favorite Days!

Monday is one of my favorite days because it's the day that we:
  • Hear from many of you about your health journey - I get to hear the "good, bad & and the ugly!" 
  • Celebrate pounds and inches down,  lessons learned, decisions made,  resolve to strengthen the vision and restart as needed.
  • Get stories, photos, and referrals for friends who want to get started too. Thank you for the referrals - reaching out to help friends and family members builds your support network.  When you begin helping and coaching others on the path to gaining health, it reinforces your inner resolve and increases your own chances of success.
Tips for the day:
Speaking of success, remember that we (and that includes you!) are not "Weight Loss" coaches ... we are Health Coaches!  We promote, mental, financial, and emotional health as we gain understanding of what it takes and means to gain physical health.  I believe that anyone can lose weight ... what we are after is sustainable health and happiness for a life time.

Be sure to take a few minutes thinking about you goals each week.  Picture what it will feel like to be your preferred, slim and strong self.  Make a list of the things that have changed and will continue to change ... what you will do, feel and look like as you burn though the storage tank of fat inside.  When you identify obstacles, see yourself conquering them boldly and with ease as you keep your eye on the prize!!!  Share these notes and pictures with me as they come up.

Also, when adjusting your BeSlim order, don't ever enter your credit card number!  If the system asks you for your credit card info, it indicates that you are making a seperate order and may be getting an additional shipment (without the 5% discount or free shipping!)  Call me and I'll help prevent this from happening.

Favorite quotes of the week: 
One client wrote:
I have found that the cafeteria is no longer a challenge but every Friday at work throughout the summer we have a BBQ so that is a whole new challenge. It may seem a little strange but I like the challenges because I feel it makes me really relay on the things I know to make the best choices for myself!

Another client wrote: 
This is just so simple!  I have more time for all the other things in my life now ... I am not controlled by cravings anymore! 
I used to be a closet eater - I'd come to the cemetary and eat a Ben and Jerry's ice cream ...
I would be filled with self hate and remorse from the binging ... I was in the clutches of sugar and cravings!!
It's so nice to be free and liberated ... To wake up with a clear mind, clear head ... this is priceless.
I now have "space" between me and the food, I have options and support.   
It's a miracle ... I keep thinking about where the message came from to do this.
Today, I've been up since 5am, been to (the store), gotten all my chores done, and am going for walk in the woods with my camera.
When I get home, I'm going through all my clothes ... Keeping my largest pair of pants ... everything else has got to go.

Have a great week! 
Share your stories, send photos, paint your vision ... this is your life and you can make decisions to make it happy, healthy and fruitful!
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