Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday is my Favorite Day!

Angela, down 210 pounds!

Happy Monday!  
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I'm enjoying the check-ins - several clients talked about how to stay on Program, make it work for them, and keep the momentum ... 

Favorite Story this week:
Angela Bailey, Click on her name to read her story.

Favorite TSFL YouTube: 
Free to Be full of Hope ... this is a lovely!  The best part is that I know these folks ... Kipp's "shrinking over time" pictures really inspired us when Greg got started 3 1/2 years ago.  

Favorite Quotes:
I am feeling soooooo good. Not one little cheat since we met up on Sunday. I am down 7 lbs, determined to stay the course!

I am reading up on all my literature, and sticking to the program.
I feel better than I have felt in a long, long time. My inflammation is way down, I can feel it! I have been sleeping sooooo good through the night. No night sweats, and “two hour middle of the night thought sessions” Yay!

My leg is better.  I don't have as much pain anywhere as I did just 3 short weeks ago.  Wow!  

I used to swell so badly that I could hardly move and had to spend most of my time laying down and even then had to worry about my lower legs getting infections from the damage to my skin by being stretched so much.  I feel swollen and uncomfortable but not unbearably so and I am not confined to bed by it.  My legs are handling it fine with no signs of infection.  That is a major improvement in my world.  :) 

One little piece of advice, just do the Program for today ...  Don't worry about tomorrow or 50 pounds from now. If you are female, you are going to be losing 2-5 pounds.  Guys lose it the fastest and you can put it on your calendar! 

The key is to stay in "Fat-Burning" otherwise people feel hungry, crabby, and tired - the feelings that make typical "Starve and Sweat" programs so miserable and unsustainable.  This means keeping the carb intake under 85 per day.  Carbs, including bread, pasta, crackers, and sweets, should be thought of as being highly addictive, just like cocaine!  Don't let them anywhere near you!!!!  Fruit is also avoided during the weight loss phase because of the sugar/carbohydrate level even though they are very healthy and will become an important part of your maintenance plan.
Here are some earlier blogs that shed light on the subject of fat burning:

I have a couple of questions ... 
Why is it important to you to lose the excess weight?
What will change for you as the weight comes off?
Who is on your personal "Support Team?"
Who might sabotage you and not really want you to change or lose weight?

Favorite Recipe of the week:

Have a Great week, I look forward to getting you started as a coach ... remember to check in regularly!  Polly.

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