Wednesday, August 29, 2012

From Heart Surgery to Karaoke!

The beginning of 2011 ... and it's happy ending!
I usually post stories on Tuesdays, but this one won't wait! Carrying excess fat isn't good for our health and can lead to years of frustration and misery.  And, if the toxic load doesn't kill us quickly, it can lead to rather unpleasant, very intimate encounters with the medical professionals and mega bills!  

This is my friend Peggy's Husband, Chuck. She shared that 2011 ended much better than she could have ever have hoped for ... She had the joy of watching Chuck dance and sing karaoke!! The "before" picture is very hard for her to look at, but having the very happy ending really makes the point: being overweight and eating poorly does not just effect the outside. It's what is happening to the inside that really matters!! Peggy almost lost him, but now he's trim and healthy. INSIDE AND OUT! 

Please let this be the moment that you decide to work on your health. It's a brand new day and just ripe for a new start. Healthy feels SO good! Thanks Peggy for allowing me to share Chuck's story!

Don't wait any longer, give me a call ... let's put a plan into action now!

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