Thursday, August 2, 2012

Afraid of Failure?

People have many reasons for not contacting us, not accepting the invitation for coaching, not trying the Program ... The biggest reason is Fear ...

  • Fear strangers: "What will they think of me?  What if it's another hyped up scam?"
  • Fear of getting hopes up and having them dashed: "What if I can't do it?  Or hate it?" 
  • Fear of change: "When I was slim, guys looked at me and I was vulnerable ..."
  • Fear of failure:  None of us want to start a program to lose weight and gain health then experience the deep disappointment of regaining the lost pounds of fat with interest! Click here for more info on Fear of Failure

As a Health Coach, my "job" is to present the information, show the way, and mentor you through the process of losing weight without hunger or typical dieting frustration.  My REAL goal is to discover YOUR goals, guide you through our rapid weight loss program and help you regain health beyond your wildest dreams!!!

Finally, each client is unique and wants a slightly different style of coaching.  Each of our Health Coaches is willing to invest the time and energy to match the style of coaching and connection you need so that "Fear of Failure" need never be a reason for putting off coming on program, setting your goals, and getting on the path to regaining your health!

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