Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Using an understanding of Personality Styles ...

Recently, a long-time client of mine complained that she's fallen on and off the wagon numerous times.  She's taken off a substantial amount of weight but has a ways to go and can't seem to muster the motivation to make additional progress towards her goals.

We discussed the possibility that she may have to have additional knee surgery if she continues at her current weight and agreed that a few photos might help. Helping a client "paint the picture" is one effective way of helping an individual make the little choices that contribute to daily habits and eventually result in the big changes they desire.

When coaching clients, it's helpful to consider their personality and decision making style.  If, as their Health Coach, we can adjust our speed, cadence, and approach to the client's, the lines of communication can be opened with more ease.  Communication leads to understanding, empathy, and effective intervention. There are a number of ways to do this, here's my favorite resources at the moment - please share yours!

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