Thursday, July 19, 2012

Monday's Note for July 16-22

Good Morning Happy Slimmers!
Summer is in full swing - time for vacations, company, travel, entertaining, and movement!
With all this activity and potential distraction going on, what are the key thoughts/habits to help you keep on track?

Check out Chapter 12 in Dr A's Habits of Health ... we have each made the decision to re-invent ourselves and we have everything we need to continue going forward.  Each of us has:
  • A "Vision" of what it will look like, feel like, be like as we slim down and gain health
  • Support from your very own coach and the entire team 
  • A system of nourishing / fueling our bodies every three hours
  • A growing understanding of how to keep our "Insulin Switch" Turned OFF! 
  • A new freedom of movement as we burn through each heavy, toxic pound ... methodically and patiently
  • Motivation, tangible evidence that the weight loss Program works (Oh Hurray!!!), momentum, and a passion for vitality and well-being is every area of our lives
If you haven't watched the new short videos in the last week or so, watch them again now and think about how you might like to document your own story!  Please send me ideas!  
Favorite Quotes of the Week:
We can see major changes in how we look and certainly how we feel almost daily. When I tried on a pair of jeans today, it finally hit home. I have dropped from a very tight 50" waist to a snug 44". I was stunned, to say the least, even though I knew I've dropped 6" in belt notches....I guess it just never registered until today.
(My wife) has dropped so much weight that the clothes she was saving for such a time are too large and she's been having a great time passing them on to her cousins!  I guess what I'm saying is that the weekly numbers are great, but the feeling of having power over food and eating habits is the greatest!

I'm down 20 pounds so far!  Oh and I got a manicure yesterday to celebrate me being on plan for another week ...  With my schedule, pre-planning and organization are vital to success.  I have found that on my day off it is easiest to plan my meals for the whole coming week but also to pull the items out for each day and wrap them with a rubber band and a post it that says what day the meals are for and what times to eat that day. 

Greg has been making a wonderful "Bruised Kale" Salad ... I'll get him to post it later today.

If you've been camping (or are planning to go camping soon) please write me back and tell me how you stayed on program during your adventures!  What tips would you like to pass along ... what are the pit falls and temptations that you encountered?  How would you coach someone who's planning a trip or hike into the wilds???

I'm headed to Washington DC for the annual TSFL conference and I'm sooooo excited!  I'll post something each day about my experience and what I'm learning. 

it's not about:
 "How can I lose weight?  It's all about gaining new habits for a life time of better health and vitality!!!!  Have a GREAT week!  Polly.

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