Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday's Note, 07/09/12

Good Morning!
Check-ins and connections have come in all weekend and I'm really grateful to be on this journey to better health with you!

Greg posted a note Thursday on supporting each other and celebrating each victory ... occasionally  the victories are big ones, but most times they are the small, day by day, stepping stone variety ... all the baby-steps, headed in the right direction are worth sharing and celebrating! You'll also want to watch a "bonus short" from the documentary on Weight of the Nation on "Poverty and Stigma."

We know that what you are doing, by attending to your personal health, burning through accumulated fat stores, and resetting your body size, is highly unusual!  In addition, we are all part of a health reform movement that can actually make a tangible difference in the lives and happiness of many, many people!  Good Work!!!!

Recipes: I just made a batch of muffins and a batch of brownies.  I put them in the freezer and will pull a couple out each morning for breakfast.  Send me your favorites!!  I'd like to post them in our web/blog site.

Studying the Habits of Health: A small group of us have been moving through Dr A's Habits of Health together.  We are on chapter 13 which focuses on movement and burning more calories "inside and out." Click here to read more.

Tip for the week:
  Drink your water and get plenty of sleep!  We need lots of both to process the remnants of the spent fuel.  This process was evident when a client weighed very early in the morning and emailed me to say he was "only"  .3 pounds down in a week.  He wrote:  

After I emailed you earlier today, I went back to bed and slept for about 3 1/2 hours, then got up had my breakfast.  I then weighed just before I got into the shower, and my weight was ...  DOWN 1.8 from last week.  Not believing this, I did it three more times ... So I am down almost 2 lbs from last week.  Who says you can not lose weight when you sleep?  

Of course, no one recommends weighing frequently but it's rewarding to see your body respond to the program with ease!  Speaking of ease, read on!

Favorite Quotes of the Week:

I'm down the first 10# like you said I would be ... can it really be this easy???  What a relief!!!

Our branch manager treated all the staff with pizza this afternoon ... I really enjoyed smell and was really surprised that I didn’t want it!  Usually, I'm the first one in line!  I'm so surprised that that I wasn't feeling the old cravings ... in the past, I'd eat too much, become itchie with hives and have to stay close to the bathroom if you know what I mean.  It seems that for my whole life, I was always fighting the cravings.  Now I understand that the starches and white flour were messing with my blood sugar, releasing insulin, and driving the cravings!   I'm loving this program and am feeling very protective of this new feeling ... It's so nice and I'm very grateful.  I feel calm and I'm thinking clearly ... I know I’ll be able to move steadily towards my goals! 

OK, Check in and keep the updates coming!  Let me know who you are reaching out to.  Remember, it's not all about losing weight, it's about gaining health!  Together, we can help a lot of people live longer, happier lives! Polly. 

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