Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Knee Pain and Weight

One of the most effective ways to reduce knee pain, as we get older, is reduce that excess weight we tend to accumulate over the years.  A recent article in Reuters Health News found that loosing weight for obese individuals may not make the  knee pain go away, but can decrease and make the pain much more manageable, giving those who suffer, a better quality of life.

Even if surgery may be required to fix those aching knees, getting that excess weight off will insure a better prospect of successful  recovery.  Having coached many clients that have been to see their orthopedic surgeon, Health Coach Resource is here to assist you.  We know it not only shedding those excess pounds.  As health coaches, we assist our clients to develop a lifestyle that will promote well being.  We are here to help, when you are ready to start.

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