Thursday, July 26, 2012

Is there a Science to Procrastination?

Sometimes I feel scattered and can't get focused ... on those days, no matter how hard I try, getting anything on my priorty list done is illusive.  It's times like this that I clean out my purse, wash a load of clothes, and call a friend and end up chatting for an hour or two.  This helpful article came across my radar screen and I think you may like it too.  It recommends a book by Dr Piers Steel called The Procrastination Equation.  It looks like a good read ... as soon as I wash the dog, I'll put in an order ... 

The Science of Procrastination and How You Can Use It to Change Your Life

Decode the truth about procrastination and learn what you can do about it ... By Wee Peng Ho

If you ever wonder why you keep putting off things that you should be doing, like exercising, eating healthily and working on that pile of month-long paperwork, this post may offer the clarity and help you’ve been looking for.   Click here to read more!

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