Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Habits of "Dis-Ease" are hard to spot ...

The "Habits of Dis-Ease" aren't always easy to spot ... they seem tiny and insignificant.  Like a slice of pie, a helping of Aunt Susie's potato salad, or nightly popcorn with butter while watching TV ... the habits of disease have become part of our normal lives.  Habits of "dis-ease" get confused with habits of "ease." We love the ease in which that bite of pie fits on the fork, awakens the palate and slides down with a cup of tea and chat with a friend.  We like the "ease" that comes with complementing Aunt Susie by having a second helping of her famous salad.  And, we love the "ease" of putting our feet up with a whole bowl of hot, aromatic popcorn ... it's supposed to be a "healthy snack" right? Wrong!!!

Let's delete the habits of disease and establish the Habits of Health together, Contact us and we'll make a plan together!

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