Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Digging a Vegetarian Diet

Plant-Based Eating Can Reap Rewards
Vegetarians miss out on lots of foods. No grilled burgers or franks at picnics. No holiday turkey or fries cooked in animal fat. Strict vegetarians may even forego honey made by bees. But vegetarians also tend to miss out on major health problems that plague many Americans. They generally live longer than the rest of us, and they’re more likely to bypass heart-related and other ailments.

The fact is, eating a more plant-based diet can boost your health, whether you’re a vegetarian or not.
What is it about the vegetarian lifestyle that can protect your health? And are there risks to being vegetarian? NIH-funded researchers are looking for answers. They’re exploring the many ways that diet and other factors affect our health.

As Greg and I continue the Transition and Maintenance process, we've come to appreciate recipes and foods based on vegetables more than we could have imagined when we started this journey 3+ years ago.   It's not just about losing weight, it's really about having a Plan for getting well and staying healthy for a life-time.  Thankfully, we linked up with our TSFL Health Coach ... thankfully, we decided to reach out to others.  This has kept us accountable and brought us personal joy as we help others lose weight and gain health too!  

When do you want to get started?  Give us a call today.  Our coaching is complimentary when you get on the Program!

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