Saturday, July 21, 2012

Coping with Body Image Now!

New chairs to accommodate our expansion ...
How do we maneuver through an "obesigenic" world, bombarded by fat-food, grab and go goodies vs the unspoken standard that insists only stick thin models are beautiful?  We hope our blog is helpful as we look at these issues, problems, solutions, and commit to building a healthier, happier world.

Given that obesity is being recognized as an epidemic, how do we cope NOW?  When we are carrying excess weight, the feeling of heaviness come from many sources. Clients report that their pants feel tight, knees are painful, and chairs seem rickety ... We see our reflections in mirrors, windows, and in someone's glance ... We hear our slim friends complain about their weight, our gorgeous kids say, "I'm fat, I'm ugly," and we hear our own inner, negative self-talk.  And, we cannot ignore the data, our lab reports, or our doctor's dire warnings.  So, we must make informed decisions, gird up our courage to move forward, find support, and care for ourselves gently along the way.

We are here to help!  Contact us when you're ready to re-invent yourself and want a health coach to provide guidance, accountability, and encouragement.  Here's a recent article from Spark People on boosting your body image. Click here to read more and let me know what you think ... whats working for you?  Polly.

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