Monday, June 4, 2012

A Word About Trainings ...

I'm so excited about the upcoming Miller TSFL Training in the Portland, OR area on Sat, June 19th. Let me know that you're coming so we can save a few seats ... it will be packed.

You are welcome to bring friends and clients who are investigating the role and business of coaching.
I find it helpful to jot down questions I'd like answers for, like how to: 
  • approach people we really care about 
  • share TSFL with total strangers
  • stay on program and reach goals when they seem so far away
  • help someone who is restarting
  • use the file system, organize your time when you're super busy
Trainings are held throughout the US and many are posted and available online,.  This year's Convention is being held, July 19-22 in Washington, DC.  Get signed up before it fills up.  When a training is being held within three hours from you, they are a "Must Go!"

There's lots of reasons to attend ... I want to see the BIG picture, understand the subtle details, hear the stories, and get the facts ... this is where it happens!  We are always learning and growing and can always benefit from the experience of others.

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