Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Too Many Nuts ...

I hope you had a wonderful Father's Day and are ready to move forward ... as for me, I ate too many nuts!  

After a lovely breakfast, we munched on peanuts and trail mix throughout the day ...  So, when I checked in with my bathroom scale this morning, I was up several pounds ... How does that happen????  I could spend a few hours kicking myself, researching and blogging an answer but a more important question is: How quickly will my scale reflect an attitude, energy intake, and energy output adjustment?  

Thankfully, Dr A's Habits of Health has given me the tools to make those adjustments and the confidence to know that my body will respond to more vegges, healthy protein, and happy movement quickly.  This is so different from the Yo-Yo dieting experiences I had in the past!  Our study group is focusing a bit longer on chapter 12 this week .  Let me know where you are in your study.  I've attached the outline.  If you'd like outlines for the individual lessons, they were posted last week, click here to get them.
Last week I shared a story of a client who took off 45 pounds in a relatively short period of time ... just to clarify, many people drop quite a few pounds in the first weeks of the 5&1 Program.  After that, they settle in to the expected decrease of 2-5 pounds per week while in fat-burning.  Men are able to lose fast than ladies and all of us have to pay attention ... we work the plan so it works for us.  

One client wrote:
When I'm in fat-burning on the TSFL 5&1 program, I feel in control, alert, and energetic.  I may experience a little hunger but it's usually near meal times.  My cravings fade and no longer control me.  I know exactly what I'll be eating.  I feel my inner engine purring along without sugar and insulin spikes and without crashes.  I know that if I'm faithful to the 5&1, I'll have everything I need to allow my body to tap into its lovey store of golden, predigested, ready to go fat!  And I think to myself, Go fat, Go!!!

Additional Favorite Quotes of the Week:
This is the best feeling - to not be controlled by my cravings! I'm loving it!!!
That's 60+ (pounds down) for me and 41 for (his wife) ... since we started this amazing trip ... we've lost over 100 lbs together! 
I dropped another pant size this week. I also had to move my seat forward in my truck. I also can wear a size smaller shirt. I can also fit in the booths when we go out and eat. I can also.........................ok, I can do a lot more now! A healthy lifestyle brings big changes!!
Getting Dr A's HOH has made a world of difference to each of my patients ... establishing the new habits so they become "second nature" is the key ... Without the "Habits," we are just like X-gamblers poised to buy a lottery ticket or former smokers with a new pack of cigarettes close at hand!

We rolled whole mild green chilies in the backed cauliflower crust and made the best chili rellenos I've ever had!  Our "Chili Rellenos Roll" is Lean and Green compliant and won't stuff you!!!  Check in at on this site this afternoon for the recipe and photos ... I'm writing it up and getting it posted now.

Have a great week, Polly. 

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