Thursday, June 7, 2012

Start to Finish ... not so straight

This illustration depicts the process success beautifully ... whether we are on a personal weight loss journey or coaching clients to better health, this drawing can be very helpful and keep us from getting discouraged when we occasionally ... well, make that routinely, get distracted, stressed or off track.  We must keep our eye on the prize if we truly want to make progress.

I've coached hundreds of clients in years past ... from 1981 until I retired from OHSU in the summer of 2008, I coached women and their families though pregnancy, birth, and the early days of parenting.  The intense thrill of lifting a newborn into the waiting, often trembling hands of his/her parents will never leave me.  Do I miss it?  Sure ... I've even thought about going back to that world until I remember the feeling of being totally sleep deprived ... for years!  Transitioning into a role of Health Coaching has been a joy!

If you let it, coaching clients to better physical health can bring you personal rewards that are very similar to birthin' babies!  You won't have to stay up all night, the training is systematic and professional, and we'll help you every step of the way ... If you suspect that there's a Health Coach in you who's ready to blossom, give me a call, get your questions answered and let's get down to business!

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