Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shift from Consuming to Creating ...

I really appreciate the work of Robert Fritz ... Here's a quote from his recent article:

... one thing that comes with modernity is the bad habit of becoming a consumer of things rather than a maker of things. This difference is profound in the way we approach our lives. Do we think in terms of what we can buy or what we can make? 

How does this relate to the "business" of coaching for health?  Read more ... Robert Fritz explains that being creative and building relationships are activities that each of us crave.  You can listen to the conversation/interview of Robert on the TSFL Leadership call this week.  To hear it, dial, 512-505-6854.  Again, our "job" is not about how to lose weight, our role a health coaches is to gain personal health and help others do the same!

Who are you reaching out to today?
What are the results you want to create?
How do relationships and creativity drive your business growth?

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