Saturday, June 9, 2012

Losing Weight with Exercise Alone?

A client of mine is working on two "projects."  She wants to decrease her weight and increase her speed.  Her trainer has her running and working out vigorously ... she's getting stronger but her weight loss is very slow and her running time has not picked up. Backing off on her training a little and focusing her attention on her nutrition is helping her get the results she wants. When the body is over stressed, it tends to hold on the stored fat for dear life!

Another question that often comes up is, "Can I lose weight by exercise alone?"  Dr A suggests that we may want to re-thing that strategy. In chapter 6 of Dr A's Habits of Health, he explains:
When you take in more calories than you expend, the excess gets stored as fat - 3,500 calories in one pound.  Eating just 100 extra calories a day - a bagel, a candy bar, a soda - translates to 36,500 calories of excess energy over the course of a year.  Even if your body stores only half of that, the result is over five extra pounds of fat a year! 
You could try burning those excess calories through exercise alone,.  But in order to burn just one pound, you'd have to run 33.8 miles.  Just for one pound! And nearly one-third of us have an extra thirty pounds of fat.  To burn that much, you'd have to run 1,040 miles - the equivalent of forty marathons.
We recommend most of our clients back off on exercise during the first three weeks of the Program for two reasons, first, their body needs to adjust to the fat-burning state and second, the body will feel and move so much better with the first 10-15 pounds off.  At that point, adding exercise slowly to a daily regime will be safer, easier and more rewarding. Contact us and let's make a plan!

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