Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lesson Outlines for the Study of the Habits of Health Living

At long last, here is an updated Outline for the study of Dr A's Habits of Health!  Follow along and let us know how you are incorporating the information and establishing the new habits so that they become second nature, sustainable, and your personal "new normal!"

Whether you are brand new to the Program or have been using it to get and stay slim for years, you understand the focus is on sustainable health. Though some clients say they'd like to lose weight for a wedding or reunion, none of us want to waste time, money, or effort.  We want long term rewards.

We use a client's weight as one marker for following the progress of burning through excess, unhealthy body fat.  Other markers can include body composition results, lab results like cholesterol blood sugar levels, and waist to hip measurement ratios. Clients are also encouraged to monitor the fit of their clothing and how they feel and move.

Losing excess weight - which is hormonally active and toxic, leading to chronic illness, dependence on medications, and early demise (enough said!) - is just the second step in the journey to improve health for many people.  The first step is making "The Decision."  We each must make a personal decision that we do not want to live a life of dis-ease and we commit to following a plan for personal wellness.  The subsequent steps involve the development of sustainable "Habits of Health" as described by Dr Andersen in the Dr A's Habits of Health.

We're delighted to be on the journey with you.  We are committed to staying the course and being the best of the best!  Polly.

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