Monday, June 4, 2012

Lesson 4, Making Wise Choices
Lesson 4
Our long-term goal is to take off excess poundage and keep it off for good.  Deep down, we all want to live in a state of well-being so that we can actively participate in life.  We want to be there for our sweet hearts and families.  We want to be productive and free of burdens and pain.  To this end, we have to focus on how we can take care of and nourish this wonderful body we've been blessed with.

One client told me she felt like a prisoner in her own body ... she's on program now and doing very well.  I can hear waves of relief in her voice as she uses the tools, incorporates healthy habits, and comes to terms with what's been promoting stress, poor eating habits and weight gain in her life.  She gaining strength in every way, every day.

Lesson 4 was all about choosing wisely - what we eat, how to shop, and how to prepare healthy, whole, fresh foods.  There's an emphasis on frequent fuelings, portion control, and prioritizing the use of low glycemic index food choices. You can follow along in Dr A's Habits of Health, chapter 9.

Lesson 5 this week will cover chapters 10, 11, and 12.  Read along, comment, ask questions, and "see the end in the beginning" ... visualize a slimmer, healthier YOU!

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Have a Great week!  Polly.

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