Monday, June 4, 2012

Jim, One of Our Newest Health Coaches

Our Team has grown!  I'd like to welcome our three newest Health Coaches, Jim Milne, Angela Custer, and Dr Nicole Quinn.  This week features Jim. We are so excited that he's part of our team!  His contact information is below.

Here's Jim's story ... 
"Back in 2010 I got the opportunity to attend GenCon (for those non gamers in the crowd it is a really big deal for us gamers). I have always wanted to go and here I was at least, the mecca of conventions for gamers.  
I was miserable. I weighed in at 425 pounds at the time. I spent the majority of the convention in pain due to all the walking required to attend all the events I wanted to see and do. I limped through the last two days there.  
When I got home I decided it was time to do something about how heavy I had become over the years. The next time I go to GenCon I intend to enjoy every second of it!  
I joined the Take Shape For Life program. Now I am a skeptic, I don't believe in fad diets or quick fixes. I initially joined because my wife and son wanted to give it a go and I felt I should at least try just for moral support.  

Amazingly the program worked, even for me! I have lost 130 pounds since starting the program. Now I want to help others achieve success."

If you'd like to contact Jim and have him as your complementary TSFL coach, you can reach him at

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  1. Way to go Jim! This is an amazing journey. I too have lost 130 and still on the journey. You now have the opportunity to affect so many lives around you! Including gamers! Look forward to hearing about your continued success.

    Katia LeMone
    Certified Health Coach