Sunday, June 24, 2012

I've lost some weight ... Now what?

I heard from a client today who has begun to transition from the weight loss phase to a maintenance phase.  Like most of us, she is worried about regaining the weight she's lost. ... I too was pretty nervous about going back into an eating environment that had led to chubbiness.  I needed to see, adjust, accept and believe in my newly remodeled self .  Here's a few things to think about and try ...
  • Make a list of the new habits you've developed during your weight loss journey.
  • Keep a food journal sporadically and check your weight routinely.
  • Dr Andersen recommends using a 9" plate ... I purchased small bowls for having our meals in.  They each hold about a cup of food and this means I can go back for seconds that are still hot on the stove.  
  • Consider keeping dinner on the stove and making only enough for the meal.  Then, fill your bowl and go away from the stove so you can eat and enjoy it slowly. If there are going to be leftovers, put them away, out of sight before the meal begins.
  • We often eat with chop sticks - I keep a supply of them on the table - and remind myself of how good it feels to be slim.
  • I got rid of all my "fat" clothes except for the largest pair of jeans which I kept as a reminder.
  • I have one pair of pants that I purchased that are a bit tight ... I try them on weekly and admire myself in the mirror even though I won't wear them out in public ... (I know, Too much information!)
  • One client applied lotion to her legs each day to "connect" with them ... she's never been slim in her whole life and having "skinny" legs has been alarming to her.
  • I wrote a letter to the plate of chocolate chip cookies that I consumed some time ago.  I told the cookies how much I loved them and why.  Then, I told them goodbye because they are poisonous to me.
  • One more, stop hanging out with people who are constantly negative. Build new, positive relationships.
Ok, that's just a short list ... tell me what's working for you????
What have you done so far to build a support network and self care system?
What habits and routines are working for you?  Please share - your insights will help at least one person and probably more!

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